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Bossel's Adventures

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Monsignore Pizzafunghi Bosselese

Bossel's Adventures

Back from the meet smiley - biggrin

Arrived very early at the bus stop of the A6 service from Golders Green to Stansted Airport. To be precise: arrived at 13:45 and began waiting for a bus. Brochure says there'll be busses every twenty minutes, next one will be there at 13:55. The tour takes about 60 minutes and the flight departure is at 17:35.

13:55 : no bus
14:15 : no bus. hmmm...
14:35 : no bus... smiley - erm
14:55 : no bus... smiley - cross
15:00 : went to the booking office, asked for a A6 service phone number. No such thing. Officer phoned up someone and replies: there'll be a bus in 10 minutes.

Background info:
The A6 busses start at Victoria station and pick up travellers at 9 stations before finally heading for Stansted. But, once a bus is full, it'll skip all remaining stations and drive through directly. Don't expect that this information was printed anywhere.

15:10 : someone else goes to the booking office and returns with the information that there'll be an empty bus in 10 minutes. A-haa.
15:15 : no bus. Adrenaline level rises.
15:30 : smiley - skull time to take a taxi
15:31 : a bus is coming. Empty, destination Stansted!
15:32 : luggage stowed, entered as the first passenger.
15:50 : finally, after loading luggage, selling tickets, answering questions etc, the bus leaves for Stansted
16:55 : arriving at S.
17:15 : after jumping queues (apologies to everyone) at the checkin and screening stations, yours truly arrives at the gate and is ready to board the plane. Phew!

smooth flight follows smiley - smiley

20:55 (German time now) : entering MVV S-Bahn line 8 from Munich Airport to Munich Central Station (HBF).
21:40 : train enters HBF, after having spent a total of 15 surplus minutes just standing somewhere on and between stations. Adrenaline level reaches precarious levels.
21:45 : Due to repair works, there's no S-Bahn between HBF and Marienplatz on weekends. This is a known fact, has been announced long enough before (see also addendum to A506594), there are busses and trams provided to take over. Busses are announced as going at intervals of 10 minutes.
22:00 : bus leaves HBF after just another extra 5 minutes.
22:15 : at Marienplatz. Prior experience tells that walking from HBF to Marienplatz takes 10 minutes.
22:28 : Arriving down under at the U-Bahn platform. A train arrives (not the destination of yours truly)
22:32 : the train is still there.
22:35 : the train is still there, emitting a hissing noise from somewhere in the undercarriage. Driver leaves cabin and starts examinating.

smiley - steam

22:38 : now let's see what taxi services are like today.

22:50 : at home! Need a smiley - ale! smiley - drool
22:51 : smiley - sadface the craftsmen (who revamped the bathroom over the weekend) have taken out the fuse for the fridge too smiley - yuk


This much for today, and this much for the future of the relationship between Bossel and public transport in general, and the A6 bus line in particular.

smiley - sleepy

Bossel's Adventures

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You can call me TC

Sorry it was such a messup. Still, you got home in the end. Do you know, I never did ask you about your night in Victoria station that time. The memories of my night there were so strong, even 30 years later, that I got quite carried away and never let you finish your sentence.

As for London trips these days.......Maybe we can go together by car in the summer and share costs.

I have shares in P&O which mean I can travel the ferry at half price.

Am still reading up everybody's comments on the meet and looking at photos . Excuse me .... must dash .... see you around.

Bossel's Adventures

Post 3

Tonsil Revenge (PG)


smiley - sharksmiley - devil

Bossel's Adventures

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Zarquon's Singing Fish!

There must have been something around in the air at that time!

My friend (the one I had the message from) turns out to have been pushed in the road, needed eight stitches in his forehead, bruised his chest and cut both his hands Someone had tried to push past him and use his ticket at the tube station and he'd not let him. The man must have followed him out onto the streets and then pushed him, so that he fell onto the road and the kerb. Nasty.

smiley - fishsmiley - musicalnote

Bossel's Adventures

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Monsignore Pizzafunghi Bosselese

TC, that night in Victoria Station wasn't worth much remembering. It was just long, loud, uncomfortable and a bad idea in the first place.

Going by car ... I'm not sure if that's a good thing to do. I guess it would take some 12+ hours through holiday traffic (brrrr) without the opportunity of taking a nap in between (well, unless we get a whole car full of people smiley - bigeyes )

tonsil, I guess that would be 'mechanics' and 'fuze/circuit breaker' to you smiley - winkeye

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Monsignore Pizzafunghi Bosselese

ZSF, that's frightening!

I never thought there was such a thing as 'ticket hijacking'. I made it home with only some bruises to my nerves and now I must say I should be very happy. Hope his better now!

Bossel's Adventures

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Zarquon's Singing Fish!

Thanks Bossel.

Yes, it was frightening. He could have been pushed under a car (or worse still, a bus!). No, he's not really better yet. His eye has closed and he is still quite shaken. I think the cuts are beginning to heal, though.

Funnily enough, I told someone at work about it and she said that the exact same thing happened to a woman a couple of days before. Someone pushed behind her, she turned to him and said something (something apologetic, I think because she thought it was an accident) and he hit her in the stomach with his briefcase. He left her in floods of tears, clutching her stomach. Tube rage?

smiley - fishsmiley - musicalnote

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Post 8

Santragenius V

Tough travel, indeed, Bossel. I never had that much trouble with the Munich trains smiley - winkeye

(awful story with pushing other people - some people are just too "#ยค&#&/&%&!)

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Tonsil Revenge (PG)

And I thought it was inconsiderate
of the 'craftsmen' to turn your fridge off!
Though pales in the face of the pushing incidents.

What were they supposed to be fixing?

Bossel's Adventures

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Monsignore Pizzafunghi Bosselese

Tonsil, yes, it was inconsiderate of them. They put new tilings on the walls and therefore had to take off the boilers & stuff. This would have required taking out *2* fuses, but not *all* of them smiley - grr

ZSF, realising that there are 'CCTV in operation' signs spread everywhere throughout London, do they tried to find those criminals using the recordings? I mean, that's what the CCTV are meant to be for, aren't they?

Bossel's Adventures

Post 11

Tonsil Revenge (PG)


I guess their skills were 'focused'...

Hope you haven't paid them yet. What was lost?

and what medium is the CCTV data recorded on?
We still have a problem with store owners who have never changed the tape in their recorders... and in some cases the Police are chagrined to find that the tape broke long ago and the little cameras were merrily recording ....

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Post 12

Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

Another public-transport-hater.

smiley - ok

Just wondered why you changed your name?smiley - hug

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Post 13

Monsignore Pizzafunghi Bosselese


my name change... simple thing: I've been to Milano for a week and I thought it was just appropriate to put something Italian-ish around my name smiley - smiley

As to the Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO) appendix... just put DHMO into google and ye shall see. But don't take it overly seriously, after all it's smiley - jester Carnival smiley - jester time in Germany. As a hint, try to guess the chemical formula smiley - whistlesmiley - winkeye

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Tonsil Revenge (PG)

or O2H?


Post 15

Researcher 212432

This post has been removed.

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Post 16

Monsignore Pizzafunghi Bosselese

tonsil, your first suggestion is it smiley - winkeye

* wonders what that hidden message could have been *

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Post 17

Tonsil Revenge (PG)

Fanmail from some Flounder, I guess.
I know enough about moderation to last me a lunchtime.

Which reminds me, I'm playing with Realone radio.

Can you recommend a Yerman radio station?
Preferably something without a lot of what is laughingly referred to as "Pop" these days?

I'm listening to a Quebecois station at the moment.

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Post 18

Monsignore Pizzafunghi Bosselese

I do have an idea about who that could have been. Well, surely wasn't on topic smiley - smiley

As to radio in German... umm... my first guess was Deutsche Welle which supposedly provides shortwave news&music (not necessarily pop) all over the world. But all I can find is 404 pages and *internet* radio smiley - erm

here's a list but that's probably outdated:

Deutsche Welle can be found on satellite TV but that sounds like an expensive affair smiley - yikes

perhaps these guys know more? [email protected]

smiley - cheers

Bossel's Adventures

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Tonsil Revenge (PG)

With Realplayer, "internet" radio is what I am stuck with.

Danke, anyway.

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