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There we are. The final day. Separation. Divorce.

The TÜV (car safety authority or whatever you call it in English) wouldn't want my car to participate in traffic any more. That is, I didn't give them a chance to say 'no' and gave it away for DM1.00 today, destination: shredder.

The statistics:
189955km in 11 years, mostly on Autobahns.

Accidents: 1
- bent a mudguard when driving straight on whilst having indicated to go left - and meeting someone who had not indicated but *did* change direction smiley - silly

Self-inflicted damages: 2
- slight scratch on the bumper when entering the road without paying attention smiley - sadface
- severely bent right main girder, having parked beneath a boulder and taking a sharp right turn which pulled the car right over it. It was an early Saturday morning and I was on the road *before* having had breakfast. This will teach me something.

Foreign-inflicted damages: 2
- small hole in right front door, made by a screwdriver which a burglar used to crack open the car and take away the radio smiley - grr
- left door severely twisted when parking the car on the roadside in darkness. The door was open some 30cm which was enough for another driver to take it along with him smiley - weird

Wear and tear: lots
- a spark plug had left the engine block (with a loud /bang/) some weeks ago, and took its thread seat with it. A helicoil was inserted but lasted only 15 minutes into rush hour traffic. Another, bigger helicoil was inserted and made it until today. But I was advised that it could break *any* time smiley - yikes
- audible proof that all the *Ventile* are still there and working smiley - winkeye
- exhaust system broken beyond repair (estimate: DM3000) but still not overly noisy
- rust on the underbelly: surely there, I didn't look.

smiley - cry

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