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N.Y.C., Sept 11, 2001

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Monsignore Pizzafunghi Bosselese

My sister and her friend are okay.
She even saw the cloud of smoke emerging from one of the towers, then the explosion when the second plane hit the other tower. She thought of a fire.

This year in May I've been on top of the WTC, looking down those 400m and I even thought about 'what if I would have to jump down here'. How long would it take? What would be my last thoughts?

Today was the day when people were forced to find the answers. They didn't volunteer. They left their families for just another working day. They went to work and had plans for the evening. Little A. needs a new pair of shoes, daughter needs a book about some stuff for school, things like that.

The shoes and the book won't be there, nor will be Mum or Dad.

There's another question. Why?
It's the essence of terror to leave this question unanswered.

My sister and her friend are okay.

Thousands of others aren't.

My thoughts are with them, and with the families they left behind.

N.Y.C., Sept 11, 2001

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Researcher 168814

I´ve been thinking about simular questions, too. What if? Why not me? I think this makes the thing about Sept. 11th so dramatic for all of us around here in the western world. We could have been on holiday like you. Just on that day... but we wern´t. And there is nothing to wind back the clock. It seams as senseless as the 30 years war.

And then you get these messages on the news, that 1,5 MILLION children might starve in Afghanistan, because of winter cropping up, and no food, bad politics and threats from us... It realy leaves you asking questions, questions, questions...

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