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i've been on h2g2 for just over 3 years now. surprisingly, i have been involved in almost no conflict whatever in that time despite the admitted stridency of my opinions. this started to change about 3 months ago. since then i have had people lose it with me over topics as controversial as left hand driver mirrors, underwear choice, the storage of stews and other profoundly serious matters.

my latest outrage was in posting that the greenpeace people who committed an illegal and dangerous act at heathrow recently, were amazingly enough, doing something illegal and dangerous and not something noble and purposeful. ok, i also called greenpeace a religious cult, but i figure that any organisation that puts its people into potential lethal situations isn't entirely different to those folks in the american deep south who juggle snakes.

now it needs to be said that i take the h2g2 house rules on board and i accept that people of varying abilities will use the fora, and that one needs to be accepting of this and appropriately patient. what this really means is that some folks are as thick as bricks but don't be saying so. cool. i can live with that. but the masonry seems to be getting thicker of late. i mean seriously thick. bomb shelter thick.

the upshot of which i get a poster come over to my wonderful space and defile it with an attempt to continue his rant ex cathedra. some folks just can't let go. so i take a trip over to his space to see what type of person i am dealing with. no surprises there. most h2g2 spaces are filled, that is the ones that have much at all, with a list of friends and guide contributions. none of which tells me anything about the person. in 3 years i haven't done much space surfing on h2g2, so i thought i'd see who it was i had been posting to on the greenpeace thread.

so imagine my surprise to stumble on a thread on one of the journals devoted entirely to me! it's 30 minutes later and i'm STILL larfing.

oh the invective.

i'm not fond of americanisms, but sometimes there is no substitute for 'get a life'. smiley - smiley

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when nutters go beserk

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