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Henry Mickey Grant

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I have been preoccupied lately with the mystery of Henry Mickey Grant.
Known Facts: Henry Mickey Grant was his full name.He came to Birmingham from Leicester in 1890, reputedly with 18 shillings in his pocket,and died while on holiday in Nice in 1926 "worth more than half a million pounds".
His fame as a builder appears to reside in a row of houses on the Pershore Road, one of the main roads out of Birmingham, passing through Edgbaston,Selly Park, Stirchley,Cotteridge, and Kings Norton.
These houses situated in Selly Park number 50 in all,and all have English place names engraved above the door ,arranged alphabetically from A to J, beginning with Ascot and ending with Jarrow.
He was a benefactor of Stirchley Library, and his name appears on the foundation stone.
The "Grant Arms" in Cotteridge was named after him.
The Mystery:There are 26 letters in the alphabet and he built 50 houses-why did he only do A-J? If he planned to do more why didn't he ;the Pershore Road is a very long road? Why did he choose the names he chose?Ascot? He may have been a gambling man; he did after all die worth a fortune. But Jarrow? He died in 1926 ,the year of the General Strike. Did he have a portend of things to come?
He was obviously a good guy to support libraries,and a good drinking man to have a pub named after him.I wish his memory well, but something about him troubles me.

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Henry Mickey Grant

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