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Just got back from a week spent in Croatia, just down the coast from Dubrovnik. Where to start? I'll probably write an entry on the place we stayed (Plat), but for now, a word or two about Dubrovnik.

If you've read "Pyramids" by Terry Pratchett, you'll know about edificeering, and the possibilities for it in the city of Ankh-Morpork. Dubrovnik is THE edificeering destination, bar none. I'm pretty sure that I could gain the roof of a building from street level without equipment, and cross the entire walled Old City without ever touching the ground. It's an incredible place, somewhat unreal, all the more so because clearly people actually live there. I can highly recommend a visit... but only if you're fit. Walking the walls, which have hundreds upon hundreds of steps, dizzyingly low parapets and long sloped stretches, is not something you should do in the middle of a forty degree day. And particularly not with a pram, which I saw at least two people attempting. One quick tip - avoid the beer in the bar in the north wall tower. It's horrible.



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Ferrettbadger. The Renegade Master

Sounds pretty nice. My olds went there last year and reccomended it very highly.

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