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Am I Here?

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It's been almost a year and a half since I have been here. Strange. Now lets see if I can find some of my old friends.

Am I Here?

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Linus...42, i guess that makes me the answer...

You better have a better excuse than ' i forgot my password'!

Welcome back smiley - biggrin

i'm not really one for graphics but i believe it may be possible to get your barfridge picture put on site. Might be worth checking out.

Am I Here?

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No I didn't forget my password. I don't really have a good reason for dissapearing. My computer (and working away from home) started taking up too much of my time and I wasn't getting any artwork done. I guess I just had to get my priorities in order. I did a lot of painting , so much that my imagination is pretty much dried up right I'm back! smiley - smiley I figure a heavy dose of h2g2 might get the brain juices flowing again.

I don't have any idea what happened to that old bar fridge I drew. Maybe I'll have to put together a new and improved version. Who's palm would I have to grease, do you think, to get the fridge put back up?

So How have you been?

Am I Here?

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Linus...42, i guess that makes me the answer...

Not sure about that. I will try and find out. Shazz can probably point me in the right direction.

I'm still plugging along. Nothing too exciting apart from leading a rugby trip to Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam a few months ago. I'd tell you all about it but the moderators might get a bit upset smiley - winkeye

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