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It has always amazed me, as well as others who know me, how my memory tends to work. Most of the time I seem not to be able to remember many things, like when a paper is due for school, or what I have just studied for a test, or worse yet, something my wife has asked me to do on the way home from work. However, as can be seen from some of my postings in the singing out loud forums, I have this incredible ability to remember song lyrics after only hearing them once or twice.
I believe some of it has to do with what interests us, but that creates a problem with the school thing though. Many of the classes that I have taken and failed to remember a lot of hvae all been subject that are very interesting to me while some songs that I hear and remember I really do not like.
I don't know, I'm just rambling. If anyone has any ideas I would be glad to hear them!!!!

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