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Writing on the Run

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Over the past two months of releasing my serial adventure, I've realized that I need to write faster. This isn't entirely unexpected. As of yesterday, I uploaded the 25th episode (of the twenty-five that I made sure to have ready before publishing.) I still have a backlog of three weeks, so I've not been slacking off entirely, but I'd ideally like it to be closer to four weeks. (Granted, I got sick last week and haven't written as much this week due to it, so thoeretically I might've been on track... but that's not what happened, so naturally it's not how things are.)

The two things that I need to work on now that I have this as part of my regular schedule (apart from picking up the pace and writing faster) are figuring out if I have a big enough archive to justify advertising yet, and determining how to fit my *other* writing into everything. I have a few spec scripts I want to get written, a book to edit, and another book to write (and, of course, NaNoWriMo looms in the distance like some sort of monstrous literary tyrant.) The good news is that all of these problems fall under the spectrum of good problems, problems that wouldn't exist if good things weren't happening. The bad news is that they still remain as problems that need solving.

All in all, though, it's great.

Writing on the Run

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Witty Moniker

I've fallen behind, I'm only up to episode 13. smiley - blush

On the other hand, that means when I finally sit down to read, I will have a very satisfying chunk story to enjoy. smiley - ok

Writing on the Run

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Sadly, episode 14 is where I start slacking off. Literally every episode from that point on is Rendelac sitting in Vox Cul-Dar's car, contemplating things sagely. I should... I should probably change that up a bit.

All kidding aside, that really is one of the fun things about archive projects. Kinda like in Webcomics, how it gets to be so much fun just clicking the "next" button. A week or two ago my sister told me that she caught up by reading something like 15 episodes in one sitting and was aggravated that she'd outpaced the schedule. (She's in China at the moment, and while Wordpress is blocked there she's still keeping up through the Tumblr page.)

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