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Angstromically Incremental Success

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Apparently, I sold a story (or "had a story accepted by an anthology" might be more connotatively correct) at the beginning of September without even noticing.

September, incidentally, was a very busy month for me. Not only did I not have Internet then (I'm approaching my tenth month without a personal net access) but it was also the very end of the seven-month moving process. Oh, and I was being sued multiple times for eviction from a house I no longer lived in. And my dad had a heart attack that led to a triple bypass (which failed after a week or two, but he's since had stints put in and feels better than he's felt in months.) Now, keep in mind that I've had my email address for a long time. Like, longer than I've had this h2g2 account. I do pretty good at fighting back Spam, but it gets cluttered sometimes. So, naturally, that's the moment an email gets sent to the cluttered email account asking me to get back to them within two weeks. smiley - tongueout

Three fortnights later, I finally find that email and get back to them. Fortunately, they say that they'd had a lot of late responders and would still be interested in talking to me. No actual payment for inclusion, but they'd give me a free copy of the anthology along with a 25% discount on buying extra copies if I wished. That plus having something to put on a resume (do writers have resumes? Portfolios? Bibliographs?) seemed like a fair trade for first publication rights, especially considering it's a story that I've not been able to get published since near the end of college.

So, this morning I got my e-contract which I was able to e-sign and e-mail and that should be a more or less done deal. Now they'll set me up with an editor and I'll get them a photo and short bio by the first of November.

All in all, it's a tiny step in the right direction but I'm still glad for it.
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Angstromically Incremental Success

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That's awesome! Sorry to hear about all the trouble you've been having, but glad things are working out.

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Angstromically Incremental Success

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