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It's NaJo time! (Superfrenchie)

My NaJoPoMo entries for 2016 can be found there: A87880314
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November 14th 2015 - WHY?

Probably not the most reliable news source, but the first one I could find with a full translation of President Hollande's speech in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Paris.

"In the face of this dread, there is a nation that knows how to defend itself, that knows how to mobilize its forces and, once again, will defeat the terrorists."

Not really the best way to wake up on a weekend.
Guess I've found my subject for today's NaJo. I'll be telling you about the atmosphere here. We're 3/4h from Paris by train. it's both far away and really really close.

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Superfrenchie's NaJoPoMo 2015

My NaJoPoMo entries for this year can be found over there : A87862350

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My Day at the Paris Book Fair, An Adventure Story.

Yes, it's that time of year again ! smiley - biggrin

It all started the way it does every year. Around the beginning of March, I bought my train and entry tickets.

Then, in the week before, I painstakingly researched which writers would be there on the day I went, to try and decide who I absolutely needed to see, who I would like to see, and who I wanted to avoid.
Their search engine is not very good, so that took a while.

I also saw that the website for the event specified that visitors would not be alloweed to enter the venue with their own books.
That was not the case in the previous years.
That clause meant that whoever had been given a book for Christmas could not bring it along to get it signed by the author.
Several of us emailed the organisers, who answered that yes, they knew it wasn't ideal, but that was the only solution to avoid theft.
So the previous years' solution that consisted in putting a sticker on the books that people had when they arrived and putting stickers on the books they paid for at each stand, that wasn't good enough.
So much for having people give you books, then.
smiley - rolleyessmiley - sadface and smiley - wah

The day itself started before 7, as my train to Paris was leaving at 7:43. I managed to catch it, and settled for the 45-minute trip.
If you've been paying attention, you'll understand that I didn't have a book with me, so I looked out the window.
It was foggy.

When I got Paris, I still had 45 minutes on the metro to get to the actual venue.
The bad point was that there was a pollution peak thingy.
The good point was that the metro was free because of the pollution.

I got there around 9:20, but the fair opened at 10, so I had a little while to breathe and relax before all the running.

10 o'clock.
The doors open.
The people rush forward.
The security people metal-check everyone, as well as checking inside every bag.
They also refused entry to anyone with a bag that was "too big".
Those people had to go to the cloakroom, leave their big bag or trolley there, and queue back in.
Just obeying orders here, not my fault, it's security, Vigipirate, blah blah.
Because I spent all of last night making sure the bomb I was bringing would look exactly like an empty trolley.
That makes perfect sense.
There was an old lady before me who had a folding stool in a big plastic bag.
She had to leave the bag and carry her stool around.
But it was ok, you see, it was for her *security*.
smiley - steamsmiley - grr and smiley - sigh

So when I finally managed to get inside, it was already almost 11.
And I had a lot of work to do.

I then spent the next 9 hours running around and queueing and getting my books signed.
And running back to the cloakroom to get rid of a load of books, ready for the next.

In the afternoon, I met up with my friend V. from my book club, who was there with her three teenagers.
And we ran around together for a while.

At 8pm, the fair was closing for the night, and we were pushed out.
That's when I realised my train home was leaving half an hour later smiley - yikes So I hitched a ride back with V., who (lucky for me!) had one empty seat in her car.

And I got home around 11, one hour later than the train would have been, but the ride was much more fun. smiley - ok

Famous people I saw this year :
Yves Coppens, co-discoverer of Lucy and patron saint of my library.
Anne Perry, writer of Victorian detective stories.
Joseph Joffo, mostly known for "A Bagful of Marbles", his autobiographical book about his childhood as a French Jew in World War 2.

Fran├žois Hollande, President.
He wasn't signing books, though, just visiting.
Well, I say I saw him.
I saw a swarm of bodyguards and cameras and microphones, and after jumping up and down several times, I saw his left eyebrow or something.
Still, that's probably the closest I'll ever get to a French President, so...

The Sunday was a time to relax, rest, and take stock.
Pay day is still a whole week away, so I shall mostly be eating pasta, but it was worth every single euro cent.
And this only happens once a year, so if I divide the fortune I've spent by 365, I think I can (safely?) say I've been quite reasonable ! smiley - angel

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March in January

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