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NaJoPoMo 3

Phew - it has been a long day... (quite a bit of work, but some internet fun too!)

Just time to write another journal entry, and then I shall log off for the night...

New h2g2 is reassuringly similar to "before", and yet different in some ways too. Very pleasant to be here, after all the upheaval in online communities these last few months... I am particularly enjoying the creative tasks - an excellent way to get involved with h2g2 life!

smiley - biggrin

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NaJoPoMo 2 - Do you remember the first time

you met someone you first encountered on the internet?

I do indeed...

It was a meticulously planned event. Actions and timings were documented well beforehand and train tickets bought. Photos were exchanged a day or so in advance, just in case - too late to cancel by then as everything had been arranged. Of course there was no need to worry - after having corresponded on messageboards and via e-mail for months, our pictures matched our text-based impressions of one another reassuringly well.

The day soon arrived. The journey went well; lunch was delicious; the hour for meeting approached... and the plan went halfway out of the window...

It was a good idea to meet in a neutral venue at the appointed time, but it never crossed my mind that we were likely to meet each other en route to the venue. Luckily my friend had thought about it, so she managed to say, "See you later", shortly after we almost tripped over each other in the foyer, and she disappeared away to the planned meeting point.

I then tried to get back on track with the plan - my mission was to go to the toilet before the rendezvous. I didn't anticipate the cubicle lock failing, so the cleaner opened the door from the outside while I was in there. It could have been worse, but my bladder wasn't keen, so I had to go elsewhere (and test the lock first).

Finally, and with much relief, I was ready. Only a few minutes late, which wasn't bad, considering. I arrived at the meeting point; she was there; we shook hands; and an hour went by like 15 minutes...

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NaJoPoMo 1

The First of November.

I see it has been over a year since my last Journal post, so this NaJoPoMo will be an interesting challenge (and possibly a difficult challenge indeed - we shall see how it goes)

The First creative task will be fun for a journal entry, though - I have a great idea for that...

smiley - biggrin

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World Statistics Day

Today 20.10.2010 is World Statistics Day.

I wonder what proportion of the global population was aware of that?

smiley - winkeye

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Monday 17th May was International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO)

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