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NaJ Sunday 13 November - Eggs

Good day today - a bit of light shopping, and lunch out.

Eggs for tea!

Fascinating how different eggs can be:

- in their shells, boiled
- out of their shells, poached
- out of their shells, fried
- out of their shells, whisked until frothy - omelette
- out of their shells, whisked until frothy with a generous dash of milk - scrambled

Plus all sorts of other recipes that use eggs - sponge cake, meringue, etc, etc...

smiley - biggrin

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NaJ 12 - Good game!

I just posted The Reveal of the "Do you remember the first time...?" task, and read the others - great fun indeed!

Apart from that, today was shopping as usual, and lunch out with friends, so overall a very good day smiley - biggrin

Time for a bit more mooching about online, and then dinner and putting my feet up, methinks...

smiley - zzz

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NaJ 11

Seems like a long time since I last posted a Journal Entry smiley - biggrin

Quiet day today, but yesterday was very good.

I went to the library after it had reopened after a total refurbishment, and very nice it was too - a good quiet environment, not overmany shelves of books but a good number, and plenty of natural light. I just about used the nifty new self-checkout machine, too (with a bit of help from the librarian while I learned the system) smiley - ok

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NaJ 10 Up late...

12:05am 10 November 2011

smiley - yawn Not much to say at this hour, but I have had an interesting evening mooching round on the internet, and now it's time to go to bed...

Fun (in a strange sort of way) to be writing a new day's journal entry so soon after the last one, though!

smiley - biggrinsmiley - zzz

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NaJ 9 Nearly forgot!

Just doing the rounds of the A87679886 Create task, and I nearly forgot to write a journal entry smiley - doh

Quite a busy evening so far... Still keeping on top of the washing up and avoiding fishy smells (just about) - I had fish again on Monday and Tuesday, but today my flat is OK (and the fish was delish).

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