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NaJ 18 - Anniversary

It is a year since I first 'spoke' to my dear friend who was the subject of NaJoPoMo2 smiley - rosesmiley - loveblush

And 3 years almost to the day since I first became a denizen of messageboards...

smiley - biggrin

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NaJ 17 Why do things have to be So Hard?

Gratuitous Pet Shop Boys video smiley - winkeye

All I had to do was ask a simple question, but there was no reply to my e-mail, the phone was either engaged or nobody answered (on two different numbers) and I eventually tried another e-mail address and got a response within an hour.

Why couldn't they have just answered my question like that before? smiley - huh

Ah, well - I got there in the end smiley - biggrin

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NaJ 16 - Busy day

My evening out last night was good - a leisurely dinner, with good company (but rather too much coffee... smiley - online2longsmiley - zzz ).

Tonight I'm busy with bits and pieces, but it's going well so far (and I haven't forgotten to write a Journal entry either smiley - ok )

smiley - biggrin

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NaJ 15 - Halfway there!

Not bad at all - the first 7 days of journal posting were quite hard going, but the last 7 days seem to have been easier.

The next couple of weeks will be challenging, though, as I have more to do, and less time to write about it in my Journal...

For example, I'm out tonight - it's my first Christmas Dinner of the season! smiley - ok

smiley - biggrin

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NaJ 14 - Trichotillomania

I was just going to write about my evening browsing h2g2 today, but then I realised I had pulled quite a few of my hairs out and reminded myself I was going to post about trichotillomania one day.

I can't remember how I came to learn the word, but since learning it I have always thought it is rather good - trips off the tongue quite nicely.

I can remember how I came to develop trichotillomania, though...

I think I was about 7, and someone noticed that an eyelash had fallen on to my cheek. She brushed the eyelash on to her finger and told me to make a wish as I blew it away.

Wishes were useful, but the probability of getting another eyelash wish like that was too low for me - I was impatient. During the next few weeks, I decided to give nature a helping hand, and enjoyed a few more wishes.

A few weeks after that, I didn't have many eyelashes left, and it started being rather painful to get any wishes, so I realised I wasn't doing myself any good. I made the rule that eyelashes with creases in weren't good for wishing, so I had to be more gentle with myself.

It worked quite well, so my eyelashes regrew, but gently finding hairs that would slide out became addictive - I wasn't keen on having too many eyelashes after so long having so few, so I still lost some of them, and my eyebrows were thinned out as well.

Today, my eyebrows are fine, but I gently attacked my eyelashes again, which is the sign of a fairly bad day... Somehow it is a pleasureable pain. I like the sensation of rubbing a few loose hairs between my fingers too, so stroking my nascent beard hairs is a sufficient replacement on better days.

Some people bite their nails, but not me...

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