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Amazing what fascinating Entries turn up when browsing through the h2g2 Guide...

Today I just found Snuggle Bunnies A591310smiley - loveblush

A few weeks ago, I also found Beer Pong, which had been mentioned on TV and I didn't know what it was, but now I do A1047881smiley - ok

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For a long while, I've wanted to try baking my own bread (not least because there are rather a lot of bread recipes in the Guide that sound delicious smiley - drool) so tomorrow I plan to have a go.

I'm not entirely confident that it will work, as the yeast I have been given is not the freshest, but at least experimenting with it will save wasting it completely smiley - laugh

And if all else fails, I have a loaf of Rye Bread in the freezer, freshly baked by someone else at the weekend, so I won't be short of delicious bread whatever happens smiley - drool

smiley - ok

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SashaQ NaJoPoMo2013

In 2011, I completed NaJoPoMo successfully, but it was a challenge for me to post every day. This year, it is somewhat easier for me to post every day as I have more ways to access the internet, so I shall endeavour to post something more than, "I had a busy day and now I'm going to sleep".

As it is a marathon and not a sprint, I think planning is important, so today's post is useful for considering topics I can cover in future posts.

smiley - orib I certainly plan to talk a bit about h2g2 and what I have been up to lately.

smiley - orib I can also talk about the books I have read this year

smiley - orib I may talk about places I have been recently as well - yes, I have been to a few museums and there are exhibitions I saw that are well worth mentioning in detail smiley - ok

That should keep me going for a few days, anyway, but other suggestions for topics will be gratefully received smiley - biggrin Other journals will probably provide extra inspiration as I go along as well, as I see there are loads of people doing well already!

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It's a SashaQ Takeover!

smiley - wow

Three of my Entries Edited and on the Front Page in one day!!!

smiley - wow

smiley - blush

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International Year of Statistics

A good year for UK statistics with the publication of detailed Census results taking place soon... smiley - ok

The Royal Society of Statistics also has a Stats Quiz which includes fascinating facts about statistics!

smiley - biggrin

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