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Rev Nick

The current reigning Prezident of h2g2 just posted something on the Face-thing"

The "good old days" covers a large period of time, depending on who is evoking them. Know what I miss about my good old days? Cleaning products that actually clean!

What does "the good ol' days" mean to you?

A subject for a collaborative effort

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SashaQ - happysad - Editor

Hello Rev Nick - good to see you over here smiley - biggrin Thank you for participating in my first Collaborative Entry thread smiley - ok

Thank you for the idea for a new collaborative Entry smiley - biggrin I've posted a thread in Ask F19585?thread=8317213 and we'll see what our fellow h2g2ers think smiley - ok

A subject for a collaborative effort

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Rev Nick

Theory has it that I've been hanging around here since early 2004 . . . Despite being banned by the BBC for 3 years and a few suspensions. I think that I have 4 photos embedded in entries, associated with 4 or 5 other entries, and pre-sub-edited maybe 20 others. So I am never 'too' far away. smiley - winkeye

A subject for a collaborative effort

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Rev Nick

Another suggestion for you. "What does your demise mean to you?"

Some will have a religious perspective - where will I go? Will I see my lost ones?

Others see it as no more than a "that's it folks, lights out".

To me? I have lived a pretty full and satisfying 57 years, and will be surprised to see my 58th. I have done well by others and have left a pretty positive mark on innumerable lives. Personally and professionally. I don't mind 'going', but it does distress me some - the impact on my bride, my daughters, their families and also a lot of semi-imaginary friends around the world.

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