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Damn Fine Con, and Hot

I have never been so tired in my life. I've just spent the weekend at the best Con I have been to in a while. I could elaborate, but I need to sleep

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What Will I name My Dog?

A tail of woe...

A little girl of eight or nine came into our shop to buy a buy, having been entrusted to look after herself. She chose a lovely little Basset Hound, and had him made up.

Her mum then came back in about an hour later to complain that he was ugly, had funny looking eyes and could she not swop him for this other one she'd seen that was better looking.

Fine says I, but he'll be heartbroken.

Pretending not to hear me she goes off, has her new bear made up and gets me to swop them over. I felt so sorry for my addmitedly funny looking little friend that I am keeping him, and wandered round the shop hugging him for the rest of the night. He is a little dog of big personality, with a union jack sweater and him own passport... but what will I call him??

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Why do I have the theme tune to auf wiedersehen pet stuck in me head?

Still its a lot easier to do sixty hour weeks in a job you actually like, without the hassle of having to give people train times. I get to move around and all sorts!

Teddy Bear anyone?

Maybe its because I work in Gateshead, yeah thats it.

(Still have no spare cash tho.)

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Hello Everyone

How come when all I ever seem to do is work I still don't have any spare money? Dr E V has forgotten what I look like in daylight, and I feel constantly sick. On a brighter note, I've been learning to drive, and am a step closer to getting the bike I want (cash permitting)I've finnished Uni, all I want now is proper job. Anyone? (In the meantime I've applied to be a hostess in a lap-dancing bar, yes rail enquiries really is that bad)


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Having decided I weigh far too much (and before people who have never met me complain, I am HUGE ok?) I'm going to lose four stone so that I register "ok" on one of those are you overwieght chart things. That and as my best friend is getting married and the outfit I've seen only goes up to a sixteen.
I'll tell you this boy, I'm bloody starving! It means I actually plan my meals instead of four oclock coming by and I realise I still haven't had breakfast, but that seems to make me hungry, hmmm.
So there you go

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