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One down

Well all those crossed fingers didn't achieve much. My boss was one of the senior guys made redundant today. Nobody has bothered to tell me and my colleagues who represents us now, so I guess I'd better polish up the old CV and get job-hunting. Resolution : I WILL be optimistic (right up to the point when they tell me to leave....)

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Latest reply: Apr 25, 2000

Still Waiting

There's a cruel streak to the IT Directors at my office. Having told us we were all being assessed for redundancy, they've now told us it will take another month of dithering to decide and by the way half the departments are exempt so it's now about 1 in 4 jobs going. To make things worse, the most senior managers have now been assessed and have been assigned half hour appointments tomorrow to be told their fate. So if my boss goes tomorrow would this make my job more or less secure? Fingers crossed for him please.

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Back to reality

I've got a bad case of the travel bug and have just returned from my latest trip, head buzzing with images of India. The Taj Mahal is truly wonderful. I discovered henna-painted camels pulling carts. I was humbled by the sincere piety and spirituality of many people, saddened by the extreme poverty and uplifted by the whole experience.

Then I went back to work and found redundancies in the offing with a 3 week wait before I know if my job's going. Back to reality - with a jolt. But India's still with me, keeping my spirits high smiley - winkeye

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New Years Eve, 1999/2000

So we've made it into another new year, which may or may not be the first of a new century or millenium depending on your degree of pedantry. I spent the midnight hour of Dec31st on an exposed hilltop in Derbyshire, UK from where we could see fireworks displays going off in every village between Sheffield and Manchester or so it seemed.
A loud, fiery start to a new year which I have every hope will be better than the last. Goodbye 1999 and Good Riddance.

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Wot no Leonids

Meteor storms! You wait 33 years for one to come along and then when it does you're living thro' a British November when the clouds never clear and you see Nothing. Well, nothing except a uniform orange grey sky leaving imagination to fill in the gaps with the streaks of light you know are streaming across the heavens at that very instant. Roll on 2032. Yes, I know the annual Leonid and Perseid showers will still be there and I'll be enjoying the shows when the weather permits but this year was special and I feel vaguely cheated to have missed out.

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