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formatting can be fun

yes. fun.
i'm currently using 16 colours and there are 640x480pixels on my screen and there is nothing that i can do about it.
in other news:
my ears are a bit itchy...on the inside

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shabadoo 2

i'm not bored

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my bike the leper

so. i'm riding across the highway on my way to school today and all of a sudden, my bike decides to reveal to me that it has secretly been contracting leprosy on the side and the pedal falls off. not just the plazteky foot gripper bit, the whole arm that rotates in aide of making the wheels turn around, it falls off too.
not quite as funny as the time with the jockey and rowboat and the horse tied to the end. not as funny as the head-on collision with the 12 year old boy. but funny nonetheless
funny things happen when you're riding to school

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eat em!

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my first time

i finished my assignment at 9.34pm it isn't due until TOMORROW MORNING!!!!
this is the earliest i have ever finished an assignment.
i will not be stabbing away at the keyboard until 3.30 in the morning
it feels strange yet...elating.
unfamiliar yet....satisfying.
i feel a certain..freedom..that i can do whatever i damn well want for the rest of the night without any sense of overwhelming guilt and defeat whatsoever
this is reeeally weeeird

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