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Rejoice, rejoice..., not because I'm back (slightly sooner than planned, but the less said about that the better) but because - hallelujah! The Tau have won a game of 40K!

Yes, buried somewhere deep in the journal backlog is an entry moaning about the uselessness of the Tau army list, puniness of Kroot, etc, etc. Well, nearly two years of faffing about and a few weeks of increasingly intensive touching-up (of models, obviously - oh, damn, that's still pretty suggestive - never mind) and the result is an army capable of taking on Eldar and winning and World Eaters and drawing (not a technical draw, but it was looking that way and we wanted to get down the pub). Three Broadside battlesuits, three Crisis suits with various kinds of plasma blasters, plenty of pulse rifles and an Ethereal pretty much did the trick.

Really need to slot some Heavy Drones in there to force the enemy to keep back when deploying and give me some time to thin numbers out before he's in assault range. Would've got pounced on by Berserkers on turn one if the 'Eater dreadnought hadn't fire-frenzied and utterly annihilated the 12-man Fire Warrior squad closest to the enemy. And that's a very very faint silver lining indeed.

Ah well. Just need to bump this lot up to 1.5 and move onto either Orks or Guard. Decisions, decisions...

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Public Service Announcement

Finding myself suffering from a fairly serious case of h2g2 fatigue, I have decided to take a short break from the Community. I won't be visiting my U-space or posting to any more threads until I get back (which will probably no sooner than the end of the month).

If you're inclined to worry, please don't; if you're thinking of celebrating or mourning my departure, I wouldn't recommend that either. This too will pass.

I will be back, batteries recharged and enthusiasm rekindled, sooner than you know.

Thankyou for your time.

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Anagrammed! Aaargh!

Sam Kisgart!

Sam bloody Kisgart!

It doesn't even sound like a real name!

Why didn't I see through it or recognise his voice?!?

Sam Kisgart -

spoiler coming folks, though one most of you probably will be utterly indifferent to

- is an anagram -

I'm so annoyed about this slipping past me! The sods even put a ringer in the cast photo!



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Lust for Glory: Zulued

For the first time since 1999 I agreed to play James 'Quartet' Baker, one of the better generals of my acquaintance. Being of the well-founded opinion that Quartet's 2K Wood Elf tournament army would slap me all over the table we took advantage of it being quiet, nabbed a second table, and played a Last Stand game on the pair of them.

Rather than the usual 'line up and run at each other' battle, this meant that my army was twice the size of his (closer to 4:1 in terms of figures on the table). My mission was to wipe him out completely before he killed half my force.

I had the regular force (I do need to finish those Tomb Kings. Hmm), he took two mages, four archer units, some waywatchers, some wardancers, and some dryads.

Well, I needed to get in fast and start tying up his bowmen. The two fast-moving units at my disposal were the Giant and the Boar Riders, and they both entirely mucked it up - the Boar Boys took horrendous amounts of arrows and failed their panic test on turn two, the Giant zoomed in on the Dryads, didn't do a single wound and was beaten to death for his trouble. Add to this my fanatics destroying the chariot and killing far too many Black Orcs, and the inevitable happening when too many Orcs and Gobbos converge on the same spot (ie, they start attacking each other and not the enemy) and you begin to see my difficulty.

It eventually boiled down to more conventional battle lines with the bolt throwers enfilading the Elves. After 12 epic turns of conflict the last pointy-eared scum was hacked down but Quartet had won, killing between two-thirds and three-quarters of my force. But a good and very different game. Memories of when I played Wood Elves and kept saying 'No, they're not beardy, honest' are flashing before my eyes...

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Lust for Glory: A Cautionary Tale

Just for a change played Qui-Gon John and his Chaos Beastmen. I took the usual list, John had a unit of Bestigor, two units of Gor (one of which ambushed), *three* chariots, one with his general aboard (the massive number of chariots you can take is one of the things that makes the Chaos list so utterly reasonable and balanced - sarcasm), a load of Minotaurs, some Marauder Cavalry, a Shaman, a Sorcerer and a Drake Ogre.

Well, the first wave of charges went my way but John's counter-charges pretty much put me out of the game, demolishing my boar riders and Black Orcs. Like a wimp I sent the Black Orcs in against Gors rather than Bestigor in the hope I'd break them and pursue out of the Bestigor charge arc. Ah, no: only a 3" pursuit move. Great. My forgetting to impose Terror tests for my Giant probably played a part too.

I clawed back some glory by the end - my Shaman abandoned the subtle arts in favour of braining the sorcerer with his staff, the Bestigor were routed and destroyed by Night Goblins (!), and the big fella continued his run of good form by giving the Drake a headbutting it'll never forget, driving the Beastman shaman into the ground like a tentpeg, and turning one of the chariots into toothpick material. But too little too late.

Must be more aggressive with Black Orcs. (The Chaos list is potentially *really* nasty though.)

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