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Never thought I'd fall for the old 'X number of variant covers - collect them all!' spiel, which goes to show you never can tell. I keep telling myself that Doctor Who-related merchandise is different, anything to excuse justifying the Radio Times' blatant profiteering.

Anyway. Four DW covers (clearly McGann has been airbrushed out of the revolution, if that's not too mixed a metaphor), and three newsagents on my route home - didn't want to be seen buying multiple copies, cos, well, I'd look weird, wouldn't I, and the cat would sort of be out of the bag on the whole fan thing.

But as one of the office minions always goes out for lunch I gave him a quid and asked him to pick one up for me then, allowing me to get the other three on the way home and thus have the full set without looking too tragic (why am I putting all this in a journal entry if I'm so embarrassed about it? Hmm, clearly suppressed guilt or something).

Now, the minion's a Not-We when it comes to Who and when he asked which one I particularly wanted I decided to make things simple for him. 'Get me one,' I said, 'with the one with the white hair and the mad eyes.' A pretty fair description of Tom Baker, I think you'll agree.

Half an hour later he returned with... well, Baker, yes, Tom, no. Had forgotten how grey Colin Baker has gone these last few years.

'There was one in a hat with white hair,' the minion explained. 'But I wasn't sure how mad his eyes looked. It took me a while to decide which one of them had the maddest-looking eyes.' I wish I'd been in the newsagent while he'd been mulling it over.

Anyway, it turns out he knew Peter Davison's name anyway, so perhaps I could have saved myself the trouble.

Is there a lesson to be learned from this?

I think not.

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Red Hot Celebrity Gossip!!!

Diane Oxberry (forces sweetheart of the First Gulf War, ex-Radio One breakfast show traffic reporter, and weathergirl on NorthWest tonight)just went past my house on a horse.

You heard it here first!

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Lust for Glory: Even More Tedious

Yes, it's back again, another report on my doings at a certain well-known wargame.

Anyway, have abandoned the Tomb Kings for now and while the current project is still having paint spat upon it I am using the Khorne Warrior army (an incentive to paint fast if ever there was one).

Tonight's game was against, oddly enough, Tomb Kings, commanded by Diddy Daz (who cheats). I took two units of 15 frenzied infantry, one unit of 7 frenzied knights, a nice character to lead each (rule of eight and so forth), plus some warhounds to stand in front of the knights and two Khorne-spawn to hold up the flank.

Diddy Daz took a Tomb King, three priests, a unit of 12-16 Tomb Guard, 12 heavy horse, two units of 16 archers, three swarm bases, three giant dead vultures, a catapult, and the Casket of souls.

Some observes averred that I put myself in a strong position by deploying the entire army within twelve inches of one corner while the Tomb Kings sprawled across the entire 4' width of the table. Certainly Diddy Daz spent the first few turns frantically redeploying his half his archers and his horsemen. By this time my hounds had been run down afer fleeing a charge from the other archer group and my 700 point knight unit was merrily bashing apart the Tomb Guard, the vultures, the Tomb King, the Casket of Souls...

Frenzy only really let me down once, when I was forced to expose the flank of a warrior unit to the undead cavalry, and extra biccies to the two spawn who between them destroyed the horsemen (DD couldn't roll a 6 to wound, and they're unbreakable) even though I forgot they were Str 5 with the Khorne upgrade.

Could've gone horribly pear-shaped - thank the powers for the re-rolled break test from the Banner of Rage, which kept my knights in the game, and also the way my Lord's trusty steed clobbered the Tomb King just before he decapitated my general. The wisdom of giving the Helm of Many Eyes to a Ld 8 character looks questionable though.

I'm under no illusions: this remains a dodgy army at the best of times. But for now - well, no blood for the Blood God this time, but certainly plenty of skulls for the Skull Throne.

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'Be the person you were born to be...'

Seen the trailer for Return of the King (on the big screen, no less).

Whoooooo baby!!!! smiley - smiley

Makes The Two Towers look like a low-budget arthouse flick.

smiley - ok

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An Insight into the Unusual Dramatic Structure of Star Wars Episode II

Attack of the Clones always struck me as being a bit different from all the other Star Wars movies, even on first viewing, but it took me a long time to figure out what it was. My initial thought was that it was something to do with the rather murky tone of the plot, but it took me some time to figure it out properly.

Okay. Look at Phantom Menace (no, really). Here's the way it's structured: good guys are seen doing something. Bad guys are seen responding. Good guys countermove. We see Darth Sidious whinging at the help and then telling them his plan. Good guys are seen being unable to fix spaceship without help of child actor. Bad guy seen turning up in funky stealth ship. etc, etc.

Now, look at Attack of the Clones. This is the only movie in the series so far where we're not shown the face of the featured villain very near the start. Featured villain Christopher Lee doesn't even appear till two-thirds of the way through (give or take). Ultimate villain Darth Sidious doesn't openly show up until the closing seconds. The fact we aren't shown the villains for so long, and are left only to infer what they've been up to (okay, so anyone with eyes and half a brain can figure it out), gives the film an unsettling, vague tone compared to the good-and-evil-in-clear-opposition schema of the others.

Or so it seems to me... smiley - smiley

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