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Lust For Glory: Downtown (Week One)

Well, our local gaming group has decided to have a crack at a cityfight campaign and I find myself co-opted. Lethal Welshman thought playing Deathguard would give me an edge but I was as pessimistic as ever.

Anyway I picked my entry point onto the campaign map and decided to go straight for the city's water treatment plant (this would give me control of the sewer system but - more importantly - give the Nurglings a chance to something useful by relieving themselves into the water supply). I found myself at once challenged for the plant by Worzel Glen and his Eldar army.

Now I had only a thousand points with me: two Plaguemarine squads, two Plaguebearer squads, a Sorcerer, some Nurglings and my daemon-dreadnought. Imagine my delight when Worzel Glen revealed this week's army was from Alaitoc: my short-sighted footsloggers would be facing roughly twenty-seven sniper rifles against whom their high Toughness would be bugger-all use.

With hindsight I should have kept everything down a hole until the daemons arrived and then rushed him all at once, but I didn't. Instead one plaguemarine squad staggered out into a hail of fire, managing to wipe out one Ranger squad, kill a Striking Scorpion (nurgle's rot paying for itself) and take two wounds off the Avatar (&^$%ing plague sword didn't work!!!) before succumbing. The Nurglings mugged some Shining Spears (thankfully taking out Worzel's only AT weapon) before getting picked on by the aforementioned Scorpions and Avatar.

Things still looked pretty good as my daemon-dreadnought had lumbered into assault range of Worzel's firebase. And then disaster!!! as I rolled up Blood Rage for the big feller, compelling him to charge... yes, you've guessed it... the Avatar, the only model on the board still able to damage him.

Well the Dreadnought and the Avatar took each other out and one of the Plaguebearer squads was able to scramble forward at the very last minute to grab enough territory to claim a draw, but a bit of a rubbish game for both of us as my main squad complete with commander spent the entire proceedings hiding down an alleyway.

In the end the Chaos and Eldar armies found themselves scowling at each other from opposite ends of the sewage treatment plant. Not sure which of us will get rights to the sewers so I suppose I should really try to boot Worzel out next week. Decisions, decisions...

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Lust for Glory: Death Vomit Victorious!

Mainly because my old sparring partner Asmodai asked for it...

Largely out of a desire to avoid playing the formidable Alaitoc force of our store's Lethal Welshman, I ended up playing Qui-Gon John's Space Wolves (he and I are old adversaries). QGJ took a six-man squad in a razorback, a nine-man squad plus chaplain in a rhino, some wolf scouts (hagh spit!), two speeders of various kinds and a venerable dreadnought with a rather phallic looking plasma cannon.

I had brought along the dear old Death Guard: two seven-man Plague Marine squads, two seven-strong Plaguebearer squads, seven nurgling bases, my converted daemon-dreadnought, and a sorcerer. We ended up playing a Meat Grinder mission with me defending (thank Nurgle). Basically QGJ had a limited amount of time but potentially unlimited troops with which to wipe me out. Always a tough mission for the attacker.

And so it proved, as early on long-range plasma gun fire and the daemon-dread's lascannon knocked out one speeder and the rhino, along with the razorback's big gun. Early combats went very much my way, thanks to the sorcerer's nastily effective Wind of Chaos power (renamed Death Vomit for the occasion). The six-man squad was recycled before I could even assault it and the daemon-dread got stuck into the chaplain and his squad just in time to avoid being ambushed by the scouts (who attacked the plaguebearers instead and got mobbed by virtually my entire army for their trouble).

However it didn't go all my own way as the phallic loyalist dread snuck up on me and handily dismantled the daemon-dread, raising the possibility of it killing the rest of the army singlehanded. I threw some plaguebearers at the chaplain and after losing the remains of a plaguemarine squad to the dread hit it with some Nurglings, simply to slow it down.

By this time QGJ's recycled troops had slogged it over the table again (fortunately transports don't recycle) just in time to get whacked by the other plaguebearers and my sorcerer. Death Vomit killed seven out of nine Blood Claws on a single casting and off they went again.

The nurglings did a brilliant job of holding up the dread, even with my crappy instability rolls, and after the chaplain succumbed to Nurgle's Rot in the shooting phase (who needs weapons?) I was very confident I could hide the two remaining daemons out of shooting range long enough to guarantee a technical win. Happily this low tactic was not required as the game ended after eight turns with the sorcerer and his supporting squad still wholly intact. The sorcerer was definitely man of the match, puking or clobbering well over a dozen Space Wolves to death single-handed. What a guy.

I really should see about finishing off that converted Nurgle predator. Or those Plaguemarine Terminators. One of these days...

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A film review isn't just for Christmas...

Hiya gang. Due to the current difficulties with the production of the h2g2 Post (before you ask, no, I don't know what's up either), a number of film reviews have ended up homeless and in need of attention. So, if you think they might be your cup of tea, please check them out here at:


(PS. Anyone interested in reading yet another mini-40K battle report?)

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Not in the face! Not in the face!

Hello again, everyone and welcome to this handy journal entry flagging the existence of the seasonal non-Postal edition of 24 Lies A Second. It is to be found at: A2150867

However, I would urge those of you with a passionate regard for jewellry-related epics, particularly those concerning the restitution of monarchical figureheads, to think carefully before clicking on over there as you may find some of the opinions expressed rather objectionable. That goes double for anyone with a history of violence!

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All-Seeing Awix's Festive Movie Prediction...

(Always assuming that it's not already an open secret all over the 'net, etc.)

...does anyone want to hear my guess as to what the opening sequence of The Return of the King is going to be about?

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