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I can't imagine this will mean much to anyone reading this but I thought it worthy of some sort of remembrance. A parcel came for me today containing two and a half hours of second-hand wobbly sci-fi adventuring and Buddhist allegory starring Jon Pertwee and some rather variably-realised rubber spiders.

I only mention this because this new arrival means that I am now the owner of a complete set of intact Dr Who stories on VHS. (There are various odd episodes and incomplete stories also knocking about but these are not a priority - come to think of it, I'm missing the first five minutes of episode one of The Greatest Show in the Galaxy, too - damn!!!) This brings with it a hard-to-describe feeling which mixes relief, satisfaction, and nagging anticlimax.

I appreciate I have taken my time doing this and it is not a particularly big deal given the colour stories are constantly rerun on satellite... but I don't care. One advantage to dragging my feet and taking nearly 20 years to get the set means that rather than sitting about wondering what to do next, I only have three or four months to wait until the re-emergence of the show (and, I shouldn't wonder, a whole new ball game). Time to sort things out as far as Old Who is concerned and get ready for the new.

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Lust for Glory: Fourth Ed

Well, all things must past, even the third edition of 40K, and so I thought I would share my initial Fourth Ed experiences with the assembled masses. Now we had a quick bash at the new micro-40K rules which I feel a bit lukewarm about to be honest, not least because the Tau brute squads out of the book are not exactly inspiring (6 squads of 3 gun drones).

But onto the main event, a 1500 point game against Big T, not a regular opponent of mine but a nice guy. He had an assorted Inquisition army (the rules for combining Grey Knights and Space Nuns are a bit arcane but I assume it was a legal force). He had two dreads, four Knight squads (two teleporting in), two Nun squads in APCs and a Knight Commander on foot.

I had the Tau army I'm currently tinkering with: an Ethereal, a Commander with bodyguard, a two-suit Crisis team, some Stealthsuits (infiltrating), five 6-man rifle squads, 13 Kroot, three Broadside suits, four heavy gun drones and eight regular gun drones (all the drones deep striking).

We played the gamma version of cleanse and luckily I got first turn. Now if I'd thought about it I'd've railgunned his dreads on turn one and very possibly lost the game. But unthinkingly I shot the rhinos, blowing up one and immobilising the other and while my Broadsides took a lot of punishment from the dreads this probably won me the game as it meant his entire army was stumbling forward on foot across a fairly open battlefield towards 30 pulse rifle and 27 burst cannon shots per turn, to say nothing of the crisis suits or Kroot. He never got into close combat, admittedly due to some rather rotten luck when it came to saving throws and his reserves arriving.

I had one very nasty moment when Big T went all out to kill my Ethereal and induce a widespread morale check, which I only survived after he rolled a 1 and two 2s when shooting at me, needing 3s to hit with his psycannon. As I said, I was lucky and wiped him out by turn six only having taken light to moderate casualties.

Conclusions? The new AP rules make railguns exceptionally deadly against any kind of vehicle, the new transport rules also make rhinos rather less good value for points. The rapid fire amendment is also very good news for the Tau as a six-strong warrior squad can happily scoot about blitzing the enemy with 12 S5 shots a turn. We never actually got into close combat (yay!!!) so I can't really comment on that. But the new rules seem rather nice, they certainly suit my playing style with the Tau anyway. I doubt I'll win many more games that easily though.

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Going where the sun shines brightly, going where the sea is blue

Hello everyone. This is just to let you know that I am on holiday for a week and will not be around to give advice/swap insults/dispense witticisms/be mithered. Normal service should resume on or about the 3rd of July.

Cheerio and enjoy the break... smiley - winkeye

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It's Billie Piper after all.

Just when things were going so well, too.

smiley - wah

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Lust for Glory: Downtown (Week Two)

Not an actual proper campaign game this week but a nice bout against one of the Fergies and his Necron army - mainly an excuse to wheel on my freshly-modelled Lord with Manreaper.

Just as well as only the presence of someone with (on average) 9 Str 5 power weapon attacks kept me in the game. Due to odd deployment and bad dice my army ended up with the Necrons between me and the building I was trying to defend. Luckily I was able to mug them, wiping out the Warriors, Wraiths and Lord in close-combat, forcing a phase-out. Nurglings got obliterated by Gauss cannon, daemons did nothing, dread came off second in a shooting match with the Monolith and Immortals (there's a shock). Still, a win's a win. Move through cover skill is an exceptional bargain in cityfight.

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