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What a sad abuse of the journal function this is

Oh dear, all I seem to use this for is 'I'm back!' or 'I'm off!' or 'My broadband pipe is blocked so I can't be here as often as I'd like!' Whereas I suppose I should be trying to be pithy or piquant or thoughtful or witty or even mildly amusing. Just as well it seems no-one reads it any more.

(There would have been profanity in that last paragraph had we not been saddled with the BBC Thought Control Machine recently. Feel free to add some wherever you like.)

Well, anyway, I'll be semi-absent from the site for the next month or so. Odd bits may appear but not many I should think. Cheerio for a bit!

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Back... intermittently

Hi everyone (ha ha). Will keep this brief as internet is still very irregular duing the day and currently nonexistent in the evenings. This means I can only get on line with any certainty on weekend mornings. As you can imagine this is a bit of a pain, but h2g2 seems to have got along okay without me for the last four months. I am currently doing a bit of a life-spring-clean and while I hope h2g2 will still find a place nothing is certain. Jar Jar, as you seem to be the only one still reading this, could you pass the gist on to anyone who you think would be interested? I'm not sure what my standing is with the Post these days (probably burnt in effigy at editorial meetings) but let them know anyway please.

PS For those who had it my old email address has gone defunct. Sorry.

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Haven't done this for a bit, so bear with me and don't be too harsh if the usual flying-along word-verve isn't in evidence.

No, the PC I regularly used still isn't fixed yet, AFAIK, but this may be about to change.

Round about the 7th of September our broadband connection fell over. That's why I've not been around since then (well, hardly at all). I've no idea what the problem is/was, but then neither does (our ISP) which makes me feel less bad about that. As it's not actually my PC and belongs to a close family member with a fairly stressful life at the best of times I have not in all clear conscience felt able to pester them about this. As I've said before my absence has been solely a matter of hardware failure and nothing to do with anyone or anything on h2g2.

As I said, there may be light at the end of the tunnel on this, but given some of the stuff I've read in the last twenty minutes since I logged on I'm not sure if I will be coming back here on a regular basis or not.

I tried to keep the h2g2 Post going as a kind of tribute to Shazz, who I feel enormous respect and gratitude towards. I know we made mistakes and I know we may have changed the style a little bit, but I don't think either of those things should really be surprising. However the fact remains that inadvertantly or not I appear to have caused Shazz and (I expect) the current Post team a lot of grief and hassle. I feel very bad about this and am currently considering options.

Sorry everyone.

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Shameless Plug

In the unlikely event of anyone still reading this who's not a Post fan, we're trying to put together a Best Of edition, for which we need... your nominations for classic articles of yesteryear!

So pop over to the Post Team's personal space (U54963) and check out the first journal entry. Cheers.

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Public Service Announcement

At the time of writing the email address I've been using for nearly three years is sadly kaput, so don't bother sending me any messages (and any you've sent me in the last ten days will not have been received, though I suspect you may already know that).

If the old address reappears I'll let you know here or hereabouts. Unfortunately my address book went along with the account so I can't contact anyone individually...

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