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The tadpole returns

Nickname change, partly because an in-joke is one thing, but I don't like the connotations (large, rubber, and green), but mainly because it suits my style here better. Also there's the vanishingly faint but still undeniable chance someone may recognise it....

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Decisions, decisions...

I always get tremendously Blocked at moments like this. Thousands upon thousands of great ideas for words of wisdom (well a couple anyway), right up until the moment when you actually sit down to type at which point they all dart away like those little tiny fish do at the first sign of a larger fish-eating fish (hope that wasn't too technical, readers). So should I do something obscure and fannish (the bibliography of Garth Ennis) or populist and ironic (Karaoke) or profound and historio-philosophical (Key Themes of the 20th Century)?
I just can't decide.
>long pause, sits thinking<
Oh sod it, I'm going to write about Cider.

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