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Living in Hyperland

At the risk of sounding like a yokel it's so easy to forget just how incredible the internet is. I mean here I am sitting at my desk in a house just outside Blackpool in the UK and I can send messages and programs and code halfway round the world (all the way round if I really want to be awkward and show off). And I (at least) take it all for granted so often... Perspective: less than ten years ago our beloved founder DNA fronted a TV show called Hyperland, where he talked about a mass, comprehensive, cross-linked data network where you could just browse for whatever you were interested in. I thought this was an intoxicating idea, but pure science fiction... I mean, maybe I'd see it in my lifetime... And here I am less than ten years later and the internet's here and I'm using it... living in Hyperland. I mean, wow... wow!!!

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Just a quicky, this one, but I'm determined to spend my time more productively this Millennium. And (by jingo) if that means spending more time thinking straight and contributing stuff here and less time looking for dubious photos of Australian soap stars turned singer-songwriters with lashings of cognitive dissonance then so be it!
I'm gonna change my ID too (again) simply because, well, for one thing I can and for another I'm trying to standardise my online persona. So there.

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Writing to the Void

Ooops, I've let this slide a bit. But seeing as no-one seems to have come through here, it hardly matters, does it?

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Resting Again

Well, adios to the mailroom and the diverse group who inhabit it. Three days of work then I start doing... um... I'm not sure what... somewhere else. My main preoccupation at the moment, other than handing over control of my current Vampire campaign and starting up one for Mage, is my relationship with the lunatic fringe of Doctor Who fandom. I can't see the appeal of making every last episode tie up together, or looking for official pronouncements as to which spin-offs 'really' happened. Am I so out of step with my peers? How can they love the show so much (and I'm sure they do) and yet misunderstand the whole basis of its storytelling style? Oh dear, taking it all too seriously again....

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Now I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a 20something guy who's living at home for a short while (well, that was the plan) while the career thing shakes out. And I think I'm reasonably dull and conventional, rise about 7am, bed about 11, you know the routine.
But... every time my folks go away (such as now, they're off to look at the erotic murals of Pompeii) some switch trips in my brain and I'm complelled against all reason to sit up till about 2.30am doing meaningless things that I wouldn't normally do and I know are a waste of time. It's a bad idea, it buggers up my sleep patterns and I KNOW it's pointless. So why do I still do it? Hrrmmph.

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