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...and exhale.

Well, I've missed being able to pop into Hootoo for the last fortnight more than I would have expected. But what a relief to be able to return to the site and find it - in the best possible way - almost indistinguishable from how it always used to be.

Certainly both Hootoo and myself are in happier places than seemed possible back at the beginning of the year. (Does this mean I wasted all those hours spent laboriously transferring the 24LAS archive onto my blog, a small tetchy internal voice enquires. Shush, voice.)

And so I find myself wondering, not for the first time - as someone with a fairly demanding job and an ongoing commitment to a high-intensity diploma course, what's the best way I can make a contribution to the success of the site, beyond the traditional comedy film reviews? There's a poser and no mistake. All advice gratefully received...

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The net and the 'net

There is no particular reason for me to write a journal entry tonight. And, indeed, far fewer reasons than on many other nights since the last time I wrote one. And so this seems like the perfect time to write one anyway.

Sometimes I think that life is like a net and we all get slightly too impressed with all the string and particularly the nets, which obscures the fact that nets - like the universe, and (we are led to believe) everything in it - are composed of literally almost nothing.

And so here is a journal entry celebrating and recording nothing. I suspect that this justification in itself may appear as an attempt at significance. You see how nothing can be so easily spoiled? Nature abhors a vacuum.

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A question

Anyone actually reading this? A simple 'yes' will do as an answer. Cheers.

(It's mainly simple curiosity, I promise.)

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Encouraging signs

Hello void! Evidence, I think, that my integration into normal society proceeds apace: the other night I was discussing the Communist/Fascist dichotomy with my students, and, for obvious reasons, drew the parallel with Star Trek vs Star Wars.

One of my students said she didn't know which was which. 'Is Star Wars the one with Captain Spock?' she asked.

Now, I said 'No, he's in Star Trek' rather than 'No, he's in Star Trek, and in any case he was nearly always referred to as Mr Spock even after his promotion to Captain (which occurred between the first and second films).'

A very positive development I think...

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I am alarmed to see it's been nearly a year since my last journal entry. Well, slightly surprised. Well, not even that.

Anyway, for this reason, and also because it's just possible someone occasionally pops in who I know from the Old Days wondering what I'm up to, and because this is listed as my homepage on at least one other website >ahem< F*c*B**k >cough<, here's a bit of an update.

Currently in Chiba, Japan, teaching English (fairly badly) and trying to get to know the country (even worse). Should be coming back to the UK briefly at the end of the year then (fingers crossed) looking for another teaching job in Europe or around the Med.

I really don't do very much on h2g2 any more, which I occasionally feel bad about, but writing Post articles is awkward for technical reasons plus the film release schedules are so wacky over here... I try to keep up with any conversations aimed at me, if that's any consolation. Probably not. Never mind.

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