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What books are you throwing out?

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Wand'rin star

A decluttering guru has sparked column miles by suggesting getting rid of books that do not bring you joy. The world seems to be divided between those who believe that books furnish a room and the heathens.
This division caused the only real row between me and my mother when she got rid of the books from my bedroom shelf while I was teaching in Africa. The bookshelf and the desk it surrounded were passed on to my niece."But you'd read them all" Fortunately I'd taken most of my university books with me.
When I retired, I donated over 2,000 books connected with linguistics and language teaching to others I thought could use them and a couple of years later nearly all my dictionaries (more than 30) went to the local grammar school library. I kept the pocket Oxford I got as a school prize 65 years ago.
Fairly ruthless weeding to go to charity shops over the years has left me with about a thousand for my heirs to dispose of, mostly much reread, though I suppose I could get rid of the craft books to good homes as the right hand isn't likely to make a spectacular return to form.

What books are you throwing out?

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"books that do not bring you joy"
Is there really such a thing?

What books are you throwing out?

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Is mise Duncan

My house is flooded with books and still I find it hard to pass a bookshop without buying something.

I read a convincing opinion that when we buy a book we are gifting ourselves the permission to take the time to read it.

What books are you throwing out?

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Sho - gainfully employed again

None. Not. One.
(although the textbooks and everything to do with CELTA would be my first choice were I to do such a thing)

What books are you throwing out?

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Sho - gainfully employed again

wise words, Duncan, and I'm the same about buying books.

If only I could gift myself the time as well as the permission to read, I'd be really happy.

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