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It must be the cold weather

I have just cooked enough food for about 6 people.

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The Grim(sby) reaper

In the continuous stream of new experiences, today's stands out quite a bit.
We had to fix a barbed wire fence that had become overgrown, which involved cutting back the long grass with a scythe.

I tell you what - scything -that's proper work! I am officially knackered.

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From the book of renovations, chapter 42

Every skirting board I have moved has revealed wet rot. Every bit of plaster I have touched has crumbled like the icing on Mrs Herversham's wedding cake.

The only silver lining is that a lifetime of being both a Grimsby Town fan and GT6 owner has hardened me against the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

(I shall have a small whisky before bed to prepare for more of the same tomorrow)

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Do not go quietly from the field of dreams

When I was 13 our school PE teacher, saying he had "a good instinct for potential" decided to stick me in goal.

Over the intervening 29 years on hundreds of pitches at all levels I have played in that position and I think I can categorically state... "good instinct" my foot!

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Stars as far as teh eye can see

Since I bought a telescope (about a month ago) we have only had a couple of cloud free nghts - and tonight is a wash-out.
Not a wise investment - even by my standards smiley - tongueout

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