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Snow angels in the mountain of dust

Crikey, this is still here?smiley - santa

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This place feels strangely familiar

It's as if I was here in another lifetime, or something.

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The icy chill of death? No I just left the window open

Hello chaps and chapesses who are still here.

Not entirely surprised about the news, but why waste all that licence fee money on a rebrand and relaunch (it sure is "bright" isn't it?) when they're throwing the site out with the trash? Oh wait that's probably why they did it. Someone high up must've been watching one of those weekday morning home improvement programmes where they break into someone's house, cover it in a coat of magnolia and box in a radiator, then hopefully fool an estate agent in inflating their market rate by a few grand and a quick sale.

Good luck to whoever's in charge these days. This one's going to turn into a bunfight rather quickly if you're not careful, particularly with that 606 lot. Hell hath no fury like a rabid sports fanboy.

Meh, enough about that. What's new with me? Not much other than being an uncle twice over (20 month nephew, 1 month old niece). Apologies to those I didn't get in touch with over christmas, arrival #2, a multitude of family illnesses and the usual work shenanigans are my feeble excuses. Still doing stuff, still doing that mostly elsewhere.

Later all,

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Don't call it a comeback

I see you've not wrecked the place, that's a shame.

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Just to confuse you all

Croz just wanted a break so he's left and I've taken over his page. No bad thing either, it's one little step towards my plan of taking over the Internet and world domination.

smiley - chick

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