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*Gingerly raps on door*

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Mrs Bojangles

*opens door a wee way and pops head round*

Cooeee, can I come in?smiley - smiley

Hi Croz, hope you don't mind, I've been putting this off for an age because I didn't want to hassle you any further
than you're already hassled.
And I know what a pain in the arse it must be to have all and sundry coming to you with their pc needs...but any
chance you wouldn't mind giving
me a wee bit of advice. Okay, a lot of advicesmiley - erm

The thing is this, I'm wanting to go wireless. I have a laptop, comparitively nice and new and shiny and I have a pc
not so new and shiny. Infact, it's one that one of my cousins built, and ultimately ripped me off with before doing
a runner, (yeah, I know, class act my family) so have no idea what it is or isn't compatible with or can and can't do and all but the main usb ports don't work. Anyway, to illustrate my ignorance further, I recently ordered a
Netgear modem, but turns out it's an ADSL one, which apparently means it's for telephone connections, I have Virgin Cable
so, obviously that has to go back from whence it came. Now, I've been looking at all the various options, and I'm tying myself
up in knots of ignorance and despair. I haven't a bloody clue what's best to go for. Also, bearing in mind I'm a total
div when it comes to all things computer related, I need something as idiot proof as possible to set up. Footie's already
scared me with tales of frenzied cigarette consumption and crying down the phone line to support centres.

Anyway, something very specific I wanted to ask you about was these things

Their apparent idiot proofness certainly appeals, what think you, any good, total rubbish? Other than that...any advice of what I should/shouldn't go for?

That out of he the hell are you, you're an even more infrequent poster than me round these parts these days? smiley - stiffdrink

*Gingerly raps on door*

Post 2

Zak T Duck

Mrs B, I always have time for my friends smiley - biggrin You should have said something earlier, I'd have dropped everything to help as best I can.

Since you use cable, I'd recommend something like a Linksys WRT54G or some other router that's labelled up as being a Wireless Cable/DSL router (if it says both cable and DSL on the box it'll use your existing cable modem for your net connection, less messing about that way). These things come with a nice friendly setup CD which basically walk you through the whole setting up process. Probably the one thing they don't mention is that it's a heck of a lot easier if you do all configuration (especially the wireless) with a network cable connected directly between the router and the computer. There's nothing more annoying than saving security settings on the router over wirelesss, only for it to kick you out and then forget what you've just put in. Believe me it happens, in fact it's even happened to me.

Those Homeplug devices have mixed reviews, primarily because most people use them wrong despite their supposed fool proof instructions. Their primary use is for extending a wired network connection where it's not feasible to put the wires. They actually require a router for them to function correctly, and if you plug them in on two different circuits (say for instance your house has two fuse boxes and you've got one of them plugged in on one controlled by fusebox A and the other on fusebox B), they won't work as they won't be able to see each other. Also depending on the quality of the electrical wiring in the house they might not work as well as expected. Some people (Netgear for instance) actually do a wireless version, replacing one of the boxes with a wireless antenna, which is useful for extending an existing wireless internet connection. So yeah, they have their uses, but for your current needs they are probably unnecessary.

Looking at it I've probably given you more questions than I've successfully answered smiley - erm

As for me, well where do I begin? Part of the reason I'm not about much is that most days I'm so shattered I can't even be bothered switching the computer on. Due to regionalization and the fallout of that including the potential outsourcing of my position, I've essentially got to work myself out of a job by February. I'm not that bothered by it, the whole atmosphere of the place has changed to the point I'd be glad to see the back of a few people. Oh yeah and I'm still terminally unattached so that's not the excuse for me being absent either, if you catch my drift.

*Gingerly raps on door*

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Mrs Bojangles

Croz, you are an absolute star and a scholarsmiley - biggrin

Okay, so, now I at least have an idea of what kind of modem thingy to look for which already makes
life a hell of a lot easier. Can't pretend to understand some of what you've told me, I'm the sort of person that needs to have whatever it is I'm dealing with in front of me with the instruction manual open so I can say 'ah, that's what that's called/does' and *then* get everything wrongsmiley - rolleyes

So if I go a'browsing for modems over the next week or so and find something I think might do the job, can I come back and ask you to yea or nay it? Also, would you be up for me running back here when it comes to setting it up after I've smiley - bleeped everything up and ripping my hair out in frustration? You'll probably have to start with asking if I've got it plugged into the right place I'll understand if I don't see you for dust.smiley - biggrin

As for those plug in things, after I'd posted here I actually found a few reviews about it on various forums, and as you said, very mixed at that. Also, as you mentioned the quality of the wiring being a factor, I think it's best I forget that idea.

I very much appreciate you just taking the time Croz, and you've already helped enormously just pointing me in the right direction. Thank yousmiley - smooch

As for the other stuff, well, I guess the work situation makes things a bit uncertain for you in the near future, if I've understood correctly, anything else on the horizon job wise? Mind, I suppose if you're being kept so busy I doubt you've had time to even look elsewhere. All said and done though, pretty much as long as I've known you, this particular job seems to have caused you an inordinate amount of stress for very little return, so maybe there's good to come out of this afterall, even if enforced, although sometimes that has to happen in order to get a different perspective on things and just being out of the situation can help. I just hope that you'll find something where you enjoy doing whatever it is you're doing and that your work is appreciated, that and you get shed loads of dosh to buy shiny gizmos of course.

Relationships? Bloody hard old life this is, all the harder if you're going it alone, be it partnerless or friendless or familyless, I try to refrain these days from doling out what amounts to nothing more than platitudes when all's said and done, but it never ceases to amaze me that some of the nicest of folk don't have the nice things and nice people happen to them that they deserve. Just don't give up hope just yet. Hopefully a change in job and circumstance will bring about the opportunity for a few other changes too, nice changes.smiley - smiley

How's your mum doing by the way?

*Gingerly raps on door*

Post 4

Zak T Duck

If you see anything, please do let me know and I'll do my best to tell you if it's the right thing or not. I'm sure you'll be fine with the setting up, they look complicated but as long as you follow the instructions you're laughing, I'll help though if you need me.

I'm looking on and off jobwise, sending off applications for stuff that jumps out at me. I'll be putting more and more time into that as I find out for certain what's going on, half the problem is that the local bigwigs don't know because the national bigwigs can't make their mind up.

My mum's doing great, apparently her eyesight in her good eye is back to normal and there's been significant improvement in her worse eye. She's got her independence back but is still wary about travelling far, especially when she's at the wheel.

*Gingerly raps on door*

Post 5

Mrs Bojangles

Ah that's grand Croz, and once again much appreciated.smiley - smiley

I often think the bigwigs the world over should leave things the hell alone to those that actually know their arse from their elbow, usually the ones on crap pay and long hours.

That's great news about your mum, in as far as things weren't as bad as first thought and her getting back to living her life. Yay for mums. Mums rock!smiley - biggrin

*Gingerly raps on door*

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Mrs Bojangles

'Ullo kitten!

Me againsmiley - boing

Just been on the Virgin Media site looking at gizmology hubbidybubs.

They have this networking wizard thing which apparently tells me everything I'll need to get me surfing wireless...they tell me I'll need a wireless router, PC Card and USB adapter. Just wanted to check with you that sounds about right and I'm not being sold anything I might not need?

Oh and it's a Belkin, should that make any kind of difference.

smiley - stiffdrink

*Gingerly raps on door*

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Zak T Duck

You don't need the PC Card, just the wireless router and wireless USB adaptors (one for each computer) will do. I'd only ever go for a wireless PC Card over a USB adaptor if the laptop has a PC card port (I've noticed most don't these days) and the laptop itself hasn't got on-board wireless already.

Not had much experience with Belkin routers, but I'd assume they're as easy to set up as others on the market. Is this one they've recommended or is it one you've found the best deal for?

*Gingerly raps on door*

Post 8

Mrs Bojangles

Righty-ho. Although I'd have to try and locate and dig out the manual for the laptop to find out if the pc card/wireless thing applies to this one, although I *think* it is already wireless enabled having had various 'mares in the first few weeks as it kept refusing to hook up to my broadband and automatically tried to connect to some neighbours wireless connection. Numerous Vista/Microsoft updates later, that hasn't been an issue...and I'm waffling. Sorry, when I said I was a total dunce at all this stuff I was possibly under exaggerating|smiley - rolleyes

They gave about 4 options, all varying in cost, this came up as the cheapest at approx £75 all in. Same cost applies if I were to get 2 usbs instead of the pc card.

*Gingerly raps on door*

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Zak T Duck

If the laptop is wireless already you don't need the USB wireless adaptors. If you check in the Control panel under the Network Connections option, you should see something alluding to a Wireless Connection. If you don't see something like that the laptop will need one of the USB adaptors.

*Gingerly raps on door*

Post 10

Mrs Bojangles

smiley - run

All hail geek almighty mesmiley - grovel

I went wirelesssmiley - wowand all by my lonesome cowboy Bill!.
It was so unbelievably easy, I'm struggling to come to terms with what a complete and utter girl I was about it all.
Although Footie had filled my head with horror stories of fraught, chain smoking sessions of angst and loss of will to live, followed by weeping into the phone, dialling the helpline in the early hours of the morningsmiley - cross

Just wanted to stop by and show off really and say thanks again for all your help and tolerance of my wittering, and so, yeah, anything geek you need help with, you know, configuring your congrobulators or tweaking your wanglefroobs, I'm your man.smiley - geek

*salutes, tips tin foil helmet at a jaunty angle and rides off into the sunset in a Sinclair C5*

*Gingerly raps on door*

Post 11

Zak T Duck

Woo congrats! Yeah wireless isn't as complicated as it once was. I really could do with updating that "how to" guide entry I wrote years ago.

Little did Footy know that if she'd given me a quick call I'd have got it sorted for her without all that grief with helplines and packets of Marlboro. I've done it before, no doubt I'd have done it again. At least it'd get me out of the house for something other than the W word. smiley - erm

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