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I have moved but I am back again

Across the world further than I thought I would ever move. In fact I thought I'd move closer. From home, from my family and from beautiful Sweden but instead I move to the west coast of north America! Who would have guessed. And I return to the guide since I ama would be blogger if the word had not been so ugly. Who invented it anyway? I rather be an online reporter for the Guide.

It is beautiful here too. Lucky me.

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My old article and Britain

Interesting, I can see how my English writing skills were somewhat weaker in 1999. Unfortunately I know little more about the wonderful town/city today since I have lived in Britain all these years. I still miss the cafes and having been to Paris last week I can only hope that one day some of the British greasy spoons and pubs (not all of them!) (and some of the churches too!!) will be reinvented as little cafes and big cafes and medium sized cafes and all types in which one can visit for a hot drink on a Saturday afternoon.

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I just searched the Guide for my hometown, Gothenburg, and the information on this beautiful city with its friendly people..... It wasn't there!! It must be a mistake, I thought, and I must do something!

Now, I am not the right person to write about Sweden's second city since I have moved out, but I might anyway. Sometimes I miss it terribly, but at this time of the year (mid-October) it is really as damp and windy and cold as London is (and that's not very pleasant at all). Spring in Gothenburg though, and summer, that's heaven.

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It is odd, am I the only one here now, it feels so cold.... Where are the Entries that was posted NOW, or a moment ago... I see only me, I need to try and find someone.

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The Guide (My first)

I have been thinking of how I can contribute to the Guide. It is such a marvelous invention and there are so many important and intresting things that would make so many people happy. I just hope I got the energy - I must have the energy! - to stay and give the information to the people who need it.

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