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Been a While

Man, its been while since I've posted anything to this site. Well, people get busy and all that. Always one lame excuse or another you know. The place seems to have grown quite a bit since I've been away. This is still one fo the coolest ideas anyone has come up with on the internet.

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New Page

I've begun building a hompeage on Geocities. It can be found at the URL I tried for quaquavert but come to find out some idiot had already taken it!!! I could not believe that someone else would have chosen that name. I fume and whatnot for a while until I realized that the idiot had been me. Of course I figured this out well after I had everything setup on the other account. Ah well, if anyone ever finds it will be a total shock. For those of you who do...thanks in advance. Til then!


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Broken Car

Well, my car broke down again. I'm not sure what's wrong with it this time. I have a 1984 BMW 318i which I love but has caused me no end of trouble. When it runs well it really runs well but when it breaks down it totally dies. This time the starter will crank the engine and you can smell the gas but it won't turn-over. Frustration galore. Ah well, it should be fixed soon. Maybe...

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Just Pondering

I received a post from Bruce about the previous Journal entry 'Bad Apple?'. He pointed out that, according to DNA, it was the request of the school that the copmuters and equipment be donated to the schools. This was addressed in a forum on The easiest way to find it is to sort the threads by the posts that only include DNA.
I still can't say I'm too impressed with the handling of the situation. Maybe it was one bad reporter who decided he/she had a a personal vendetta but it still remains that the outcome played too some of the oldest divides that we know as humans. In his forum post DNA stated that "No good deed ever goes unpunished." This maybe entirely too true but the image projected by this is still annoyingly familiar to situations with much darker connotations.
As a company Apple does seem to provide a quality product, as evinced by their fanatically loyal supporters, however, as a coporation and with their focus on the bottom line it must be questioned as to whether they do in fact have a responsibility to in someway attend to problems that extend passed their bottom line.
I single out Apple only as an example and because they are the subject of this post. The same question could be posed of Microsoft or any other large company. The same question could be posed of Microsoft or any other large company. This does beg an interesting question: Should coporations be morally obligated to help problems like "world hunger", as stated in the DNA post, or are they exempt, left to be predatory entities focused solely on the bottom line while their customer base disappears from neglect? I would be interested in hearing other thoughts on this.

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Bad Apple?

I read recently in Wired magazine about an exhibition put on by Apple in which they brought in a bunch of 5th grade students to test out some of the iMacs and some Cannon camcorders to demonstrate how easy it is to make and edit digital films. Some of the students were children of the rich and famous and some from shall we say more humble backgrounds. In one instance the parents of one child did not even own a car.
So what happened at the end of th exhibition? The films were wonderful and the rich kids got to take theirs home while the "normal" kids were obliged to donate theirs to the schools they attended. The children who got to take theirs home included offspring of stars like Sinbad and John Cleese. DNA was there as well. I have to say I'm a little disappointed for all that. For shame Apple. Think different...yeah sure. Social Darwinism is a little out of date don't you think?

If you want to read the article check it out on,1282,32792,00.html?tw=wn19991202 -->Some Kids Play for Keeps at Apple.

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