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Caught red-headed

When I go out with my mates, I'm incredibly paranoid. Justifiably, but still paranoid.
You see, we go around causing a little bit of trouble. Sticking Page 3 girls from The Daily Star (a 'porn paper') in car windscreens, playing 'Knock Door Run' on the village hall after leaving toasted fluffy toys on the doorstep, and spying on the workers at the local farm, not to mention attempting to kick a disused Land Rover into action. Oh, and building small fires in the woods. But that's just minor.
Of course, we don't want to get caught. I'm paranoid... or just incredibly chicken. I always think the worst, which almost never happens. Almost never. I'm the one who fakes 'Knock Door Run'... the one who always wants another lookout... the one who wants to be in radio-contact with the rest of the group. And we all wear dark colours.
However, there's a problem. I'm instantly recognisable, with *ludicrously* bright red hair. So whilst I haven't 'Knock Door Run'ned the village hall, I get the blame. And so do my friends by association.

I'm getting a wig. Any available?

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To Peta

Is this how Journals are supposed to work? I got here by clicking the 'Post Journal' button in U24 - if this is right, then it'll be a real boon for the Aces. (Or probably it'll send it to my place...)

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Latest reply: Jun 8, 2000

The Stupid American's Thread

Here it is. I wonder if anyone will come?

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h2g2 on the move...

this is real h2g2onthe mve - tying standing up on a omputer terminl in Euston train station. £1 fr 12min, 50p for 5. retty good, but no feedbk from keybord. Going to try onewith propper keybrd, not pastic coated. And I might translate this too, nceI am bck at home.. Now retur dont work!

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Latest reply: May 18, 2000

Data Connection.

I'll be sending off my application form to Data Connection (a computer company based in Enfield), which hopefully should get me an interview for a gap-year job earning £900 a month and in a really nice sounding environment.

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Latest reply: Apr 27, 2000

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