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The ghost of Ormondroyd past

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A few weeks ago I was at the Bradford University Counselling Service for the last in a short series of assertiveness classes. I'd first looked at that subject a few years ago, found it life-changing in a very positive way, and had decided to remind myself of the principles and skills of assertiveness with this four-week course. On the final day, everything was going well, and then the group leader handed out some photocopied documents summarising those basic principles of assertiveness.

And then I had to say: "Look, there's something I must tell you. I think I wrote this." The references in the text to Guide Entries and Scout picks were a dead giveaway. Without knowing anything about my history with h2g2, the group leader had taken the handout from A2998551 , a Guide Entry I wrote in 2004!

So I found myself explaining all about h2g2, and what Guide Entries and Scout picks were. And although I haven't been around h2g2 much lately, it made me feel that my time here had not been wasted; that I might just have written something of lasting value, and that maybe I should return here more often.

A happy Christmas and a ten-out-of-ten 2010 to all Researchers! smiley - xmaspud

The ghost of Ormondroyd past

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Santragenius V

smiley - ok Nice one!

The ghost of Ormondroyd past

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There is only one thing worse than being Gosho, and that is not being Gosho

We are everywhere smiley - winkeye

The ghost of Ormondroyd past

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Metal Chicken

smiley - ok Proof, if it were needed, that H2G2 is more than a social networking site.

Happy Christmas Ormy! smiley - xmaspud


The ghost of Ormondroyd past

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Granny Weatherwax - ACE - Hells Belle, Mother-in-Law from the Pit - Haunting near you on Saturday

smiley - ok That's extremely cool.

It's always great to see you here Ormy, you should come back more often

The ghost of Ormondroyd past

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McKay The Disorganised

I hope you asserted your right to co-presenter status.

smiley - cider

The ghost of Ormondroyd past

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You do get paid royalties for that, right?

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The ghost of Ormondroyd past

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