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Well, I'm excited! I'm off to Oxford tomorrow for the Exeter College ball which is on Saturday. I can't believe how much stuff I have had to get just for two nights away - new dress (very nice - thanks Dad!), new bag (thanks Mum!), new makeup, tights, shampoo, batteries for the personal stereo, the list is endless! So I just hope it's worth it. Watch this space...

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AAARRRGGGHHHHH!! I've just realised how much time (and therefore money) I've spent here this weekend!! It's becoming an addiction!! I'm going to have to ration myself severely or be resigned to living on bread and water until the next telephone bill comes in...

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Latest reply: Mar 12, 2000

Money, money, money.

Sent off my loan application form today. It took me ages to fill in, which really doesn't seem worth it when I consider that I'll get about £3,000 less than I need to live on per year. That's capitalism for you, I guess...

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See what I mean?

I'm so flustered that I spelled "Desperate" in two different ways, and forgot to put the second "l" in "call".

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Desparate Times...

... cal for Desperate Measures. I have just realised that there are only about eight teaching weeks until my 'A' level exams. I'm scared!! It seemed like just the kind of momentous occasion to make my first journal entry.

Any offers from anyone who wants to sit them for me?

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