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The wonders of modern technology

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Just reunited a lost wallet with its owner via facebook messenger and email. smiley - ok

Our friends found the wallet, messaged me on FB as it contained a student ID card for Cardiff Uni. I asked who it was so I could email them. Did that and got a reply saying he needed it now as he couldn't get into his halls without it. So I had to then find our where my friends were and direct him there. It wall worked excellently.

Couldn't have done that back when I was a student. I guess these mobile phone thingies might be more useful than some give them credit for sometimes smiley - winkeye

The wonders of modern technology

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Gingersnapper+Keeper of the Cookie Jar and Stuff and Nonsense

. .. ... smiley - bubbly . .. ... I’ll Drink to that . .. ... smiley - bubbly. .. ...

The wonders of modern technology

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You can call me TC

I might have been tempted to wait a day to teach him to keep a better eye on his belongings.

My son left his wallet in the university canteen the other week. Not the first time he's lost it, either. (He got is back both times) Why don't they learn from their mistakes?

The wonders of modern technology

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We all do it sometimes. Everyone can switch off for a moment and besides, how do we know it didn't just fall out of his pocket accidentally? He might have been pickpocketed and the culprit threw it away after finding nothing of value to them in it... plenty of reasons that are not necessarily their fault.

I've been here over 10 years and have managed to lose my wallet at least 4 times. I've had it returned every time. Happy to return the good karma.

I never actually had his wallet anyway. My friends found it and contacted me because it had a Cardiff Uni ID card in it. I can find out all students here contact details so I got them and contacted him. He was locked out of his room because the ID card is also the security card to get through security doors to get into the buildings and halls of residence. It would not really have been particularly friendly to prevent him getting into his room during a severe storm. Turns out my friends were in a pub near where they found it when he saw my email so he just went to them and took it back.

Ironically, I got quite angry with two of our chemistry students on Friday because they seemed to think I was going to help them find a cheap notebook they'd left lying around somewhere. They were told in no uncertain terms -by me - that I am not the lost property office and I have better things to do than this..... smiley - laugh
I felt a bit like Marvin - here I am.... and they ask me to pick up a piece of paper...smiley - rolleyes
(I work *very* hard to help our students waaaay more than my contracted hours, but I draw the line when they cannot even have the gumption to go and ask the people who work in the room where they left it and ask them)

A wallet of course is a rather more important thing to lose.

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