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Giving up - several weeks later

Apart from the odd ciggy when I'm particularly drunk and rebellious, I'm smoke free. Woo, and indeed, hoo.

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Latest reply: Oct 13, 2005

Giving up - Day 14

Well, I finally braved a smoky pub atmosphere whilst being drunk, and to my utter astonishment didn't have a ciggy. Still faithfully putting on the patches each morning, life is good.

Downside: public transport smells much more unpleasant than I believed.

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Latest reply: Aug 22, 2005

Giving up - Day 7

Woo hoo. Almost a whole week without a ciggy, and I'm feeling very chuffed with myself smiley - biggrin.

Cancelled the comedy club on friday, I just knew if I was in a smoky atmosphere and got drunk I would crack, so I stayed in and had a few drinks.

Saturday, I went round to a non-smoking friends flat and got a bit drunk, and still didn't need a fag (or a cigarette)smiley - rofl.

And on to monday - I'm feeling quite confident about giving up, the patches are still working and my flat smells lovelysmiley - ok.

Long may it continue. smiley - zen

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Giving up - Day 4

Well, I made it through Day 3 without cracking, but now the weekend is looming I'm feeling very unsure of myself.

I ALWAYS get drunk on friday night, I'm assuming this will be a bad move, so intend to stay sober smiley - brave. However, I have tickets to Jongleurs comedy club tonight and have been talked into going against my better judgement. Will I be able to remain sober and off the fags? Or even get drunk and not have a smoke? Place your bets here...

Aside from that worrisome problem, things are going okay. Still gagging for a ciggy but I'm expecting that so I'm prepared for it. The drink and pubs will be the killer...

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Giving up smoking - Day 3

Aaaaargh smiley - sadface

I feel really angry today, angry at the people on the train who kept bumping into me, angry at the people at work for no particular reason, and angry at my desk for being a desk. I pity the poor fool who actually does something wrong as I'll most probably kill them.

Still, at least I haven't had a smoke yet smiley - ok. However, the day is but young, and the last time I tried to give up it was 2.30pm on day 3 and I started to sweat and itch profusely before I rushed out to the shops and lit up. So I'm not holding my breath (just as well because having smoked for 14 years I don't have much leftsmiley - winkeye)

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