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I hate not having willpower because.....

I am 28 and cough like a 70 year old
I spent £1400 on tobacco alone last year; a holiday and new car
chewing gum now costs me over 15p a stick
I want to die old, satisfied and painlessly
I want to see my goddaughter grow up
kids can get lost on Dartmoor and still beat me to the checkpoint
my breath STINKS! Am gonna have to change my name to Ally Toesis
I can even run along the bus, let alone for it
I can't do everything I want to do because I insist on inhaling vile smoke
I can't see the point of it any more

I'm winning; 3 yesterday and none today. In fact, haven't even had gum today smiley - smiley

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Latest reply: Dec 11, 2004


As part of a new-found health enthusiasm, I'm cutting down smoking. I'm on 30+ roll-ups a day and it's getting to my chest - I have the most awful cough, and not just down to the flu.

I've had five fags today and it's 5pm. Not bad. Only, everything I do I do while not smoking. I walk to the shops while not smoking,I drive while not smoking, drink tea while not smoking. It seems more horrendous than smoking.


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I've honestly had to get someone else to take over my bar shift while I do this. It's quite a big issue, and I'm glad I've got a new journal to talk it over with.

I don't have a problem with wigs, par se. I don't mind that people are too vain or feel self-concious/unsexy with bald spots. I don't mind that they choose to cover their solar panels with a small carpet. I don't want to offend any wig-wearers, because they don't affect me in the slightest.

But why can't I stop staring at the wig in a crowded bar? It's so rude as a barman to stare. I can't help but admire the luxuriant quality of the piece, its thickness, how it doesn't bloody match. I notice them too often. They never match the natural hair. It's obvious because the thin hair on the back and sides is so much, well, thinner than the bit on top. And has grey bits (in this day and age when Just For Men is so widely available, too). I have to stare and wonder - WHY???

Sorry about all this. I feel unusual. I think I might go for a walk....

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Latest reply: Oct 4, 2004

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