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Skanky hello

Hi folks,

I haven't been around h2g2 at all for the last few months, so I just thought I'd drop in and say hi.

I was terribly sorry to hear about the death of Terri. She was one of my best friends here and was one of the people who took me from 'occasional visitor' to 'h2g2 addict'. I was away in Spain from almost the moment the news broke, but I realised how special many of my friends here are and resolved to check in more often.

I don't have much news, but the bit I have is that I'm busier than ever. I've signed up for a number of Open University short courses in science lately, in an attempt to get qualifications in stuff I was reading anyway. It's obviously a bit more complicated than that but I'm managing to do 15-20 hours of study each week, and I may even end up doing a degree as a result.

I may have some PR entries in the pipeline, some are actually part-written, and there may be some AV to come as well.

How are all you chaps? What have I missed?

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Farter's Day

It's 2am, and I've just finished organising our picnic for tomorrow smiley - smiley

Yep, it's Father's Day tomorrow (today?), and as we're playing cricket we decided it would be a fine idea to get our respective fathers in place nice and early and have a great picnic before the game starts. We're playing at Shaldon tomorrow; a pitch in a great location overlooking the Teign and with views all the way over to Dartmoor, and if there was ever a place for cricket Devon-style this is it. There's the friendliest welcome you can imagine, there's a buffet in the pub afterwards, and for our first game (our first ever, in fact) they even arranged for one of their mates to fly over the pitch in a light aircraft to commemorate the occasion. Great friends, really, and lots of fond memories. So it's perfect for us to meet up for lunch as well.

It's going to be quite poignant as well, hence the extra effort and 2am finish. This time last year, of course, we had one less father-in-law each, so that's worth celebrating. And both of our 'fathers' are actually step-fathers, both of whom came into our lives at difficult times and yet earned our love and respect so quickly and easily that it's hard to believe there is no biological link.

I think tomorrow is going to be a fabulous day. Neither of them will get a run or take a wicket, bless 'em, but I think they'll both be chuffed with our plans.

And the 'farter'? That Dad's mine smiley - biggrin

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Evening all!

I've popped in to get drunk with Mu Beta over at the Horse and Groom. Please excuse anything I say after around 11pm, as it will be nonsense. Yes, even more than usual.

How are we all?

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Good day, bad day

On the day of our reception, the company providing one of our 'essential services' (I can't say which for reasons that are about to become obvious) pulled out at the last minute. They did their best to find people to fill in, and promised a full refund.

I arranged for them to do something special and secret for Mrs B's birthday as she's 30 on Monday, but they seem to have used this as an excuse to avoid giving us our money back. Today was the final deadline; I've had to spill the beans and ruin the surprise for the wife, and we've written to threaten legal action if it isn't sorted out pronto.

So I'm pretty gutted about the situation, to say the least - it would have more than made up the disappointment at the reception and made her birthday really, really memorable.

And this on the same day I decided that I'm going to start studying again. I went to uni when I was 19, like most of my friends, but had chosen totally the wrong course and dropped out after six months. Today I sent off the forms to the OU to register for a couple of short science courses, and I plan to start a degree in the autumn if they go well.

So I'm kind of disappointed, angry, frustrated, excited, optimistic and nervous all at once. Thank goodness Mrs B understands it all.

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Been a while, eh?

No, I still don't have any wedding photos to show you.

No, I'm not planning to write anything in the near future.

No, I won't be popping in every day.

No, I don't have any plans to save h2g2, or any new initiatives, or competitions, or the slightest inclination to do anything other than renew old acquaintances. And I'm not going to go back and read all those conversations I'm subscribed to from way back, because it'll take me months.

Anything been going on? I haven't read anything here since October. Any news? any rumours? Any lies that sound vaguely feasible?

One thing I need is a bloody good beerfest. Does anyone still drink beer?

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