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Sudden realization

Just realized that the USA may very well elect a guy (Bush), considered by many to be a human rights abuser, President. Concerned that we will be forced to watch the President get humiliated every place he goes for the next 4 yrs. Have decided to do my part, and will put a "Gore for President" sign on my lawn. Hopefully, my house won't get vandalized for my efforts.

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Yay... Married at last. To a wonderful man. Yummm.

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I got stickers made for my virtual band - BackSeat Sally and the Convertibles. Yay!! They look really good too. Professional even.

I figure I can enlist all my friends to distribute them and I can create a little bit (small amount) of hype for the band. cool. I could be the next PT Barnum.

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Virtual Band has fans

11/24/99 My virtual band has only been on the web 1 week and they already have fans. I got an email from a music magazine in Argentina that really likes the music and wants to do an article on them. Funny thing is, is that they want pictures to go along with the article. The problem is that the band doesn't exist, so there are no photos.

I am going to scan photos of my cats over the weekend to send to them (band members are named after my cats and other friends). Hopefully they will just think that band has a good sense of humor and just publish the article.

Note to self: Make sure all publicity materials are in place before posting music for the virtual bluegrass band.

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I am soooo excited. I have my own page at yay me. People are actually visiting and downloading my music. And, hopefully, by tomorrow, people will start buying my cd.

This is all very exciting and new for me. I am thinking that I need to get my friends to go there and create some artificial hype and download my songs to bump my ratings and get others to notice. Ahhhhh the plans one has to make.

Actually, I think my stuff is pretty darned good and it was an internet buddy that told me I should do this. I am so glad I am able to take good advice.

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