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To me it's a wee bit ironic that in my last day at work I have had my front page removed for moderation - I should have known better as an ex-sub.

So, moderators and legal department, whoops - complete oversight on my behalf!

I will also remove the offending items from the internet as soon as can find a PC that doesn't crash every couple of minutes, or when I sober up.

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I got home late last night and discovered that DNA was no longer with us. I seem to have spent the next several hours sadly browsing his obits. It was always great to know that some of my thoughts on the universe were shared by others ie it don't always work the way scientists think it does.

Through his work I have met so many other wonderful folks - people who don't mind splashing through puddles, people who don't trust people who want power, people who care about the world.

It is tempting to say that he has left a gap, but having read so many of the comments from other researchers it is obvious that there is no gap; instead there is a massive pool of people willing to learn and pass on that learning, and people who will query established scientific facts.

The pebble in the pond may have been a thought in a field one night - the ripples are now creating energy swirls of their own

May your god bless you, and thanks.

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test from buskingbob

Jim, if you can read this from your home page, there may be a slight weakness in the system!

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Scanners Part 2

Used my own cables to get the scanner working - students very happy.
At end of day the owner of the scanner removed it and took it home.

I forgot to take all the shortcuts off the desktop. This has now resulted in the next class complaining that they can't use the scanner - they keep clicking on the icon but sod all happens!

Next time - no favours for anyone!

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