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Jeremy (trying to find his way back to dinner)


I'm the author of the "Ten Essentials" Entry that you are SubEdding right now. I think you have done a great job so far, and I have found only two things I would like to be changed (it's your job and your decision, of course, and I'll accept what you do):

In the "map" paragraph: I'd love to see the sentence "You have to KNOW how to use a map..." with the "know" in bold print (It's the word I'd emphasize if I read that part to another person).

GPS: You might want to insert a blank after the GPS footnote, but that's only a nitpick.

Once again: It's your job, and you'll have the final word on what you do with (may I say) 'our' Entry.

Thanks for your work!!smiley - ok


Ten Essentials Entry

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Hi Jeremy - thanks for the feedback - as a bit of an outdoors type myself, your article dragged back a lot of memories. I have been in a situation where possession of a compass and map reading ability meant the difference between a warm fire in a hotel or a pretty miserable night on top of a Scottish mountain, so the article meant a lot to me (we were all well dressed, with at least the 10 essentails, but a terrible mist came down etc etc....)

At this point in the process I don't think I can do any more editing as it is back with tptb - what usually happens at this point is that one of them will read these comments (are you out there, Mark?) and make these changes before it gets finally accepted. If not, I will then contact the "typos" group and ask them to make the changes.

One of the good things about the present peer review system is that most articles that we get to sub are interesting and require very little editing. Under the old system we would typically be rejecting up to 70% of them.

Keep up the good writing!

Ten Essentials Entry

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All done smiley - biggrin

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Ten Essentials Entry

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