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OB1 (retired)

I would like to be able to get a new subject added to The Earth section - The best place to live

How can this be done?


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Hi - there is a team of editors who look at each approved Guide entry and decide whether to add it to a referenced section, and where to add it. Once you have created your article, and it has been accepted as an approved entry, it is just a matter of time.

A couple of points - read the guidelines for submitting articles if you have not already done so.

Entries must be factual to be approved. Entries that are based on opinions will not be approved.

Don't worry too much about grammar and spelling, particularly if English is not your first language. The sub-editors will sort that out. Also, don't worry about HTML or GuideML - again, the sub-editors will do that.

Any article that is about the "Best of" anything is not likely to get approved, as that would be an opinion. However, if you write about a place that you like, and include the things that you like about the place, this would stand more chance of approval.

To give you some idea of what sort of articles are accepted, check the approved entries on my page if you haven't already done so - just click on my ID above.

Best of luck, I look forward to reading your article.


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OB1 (retired)

Many thanks for your reply, but I am a little unsure still.

You said that 'Entries must be factual to be approved. Entries that are based on opinions will not be approved'

Surely a guide to anything is based apon opinions? If I write about Copenhagen (which I am now doing) and I put in such things as there is this place and I think it is that, I am writing about a factual place based apon my opinions.

Confused of Denmark.


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Sorry about the confusion - what you are suggesting is fine.

However, some of our researchers make statements along the lines of "the best curryhouse in the world is ...." Obviously, that can only be considered to be a well-informed statement if the writer has personally visited all of the others!

I look forward to reading the article on Copenhagen!

smiley - smiley

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