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This is just terrible...

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You've been waiting all this time and -no- one has tagged your page yet??? Shame!

Oh.. Hi there. smiley - winkeye I see you're one who comes in, writes a terrific article that gets accepted (congradulations, by the way smiley - bigeyes) then just wanders off and leaves us panting? tsk tsk tsk smiley - winkeye

By 'not friendly' do you mean poor little lynx gets cross-eyed? Yeah.. I mentioned that to the PTWVH before... smiley - sadface

Anyway... hope you manage to find some time to wander around the forums.


This is just terrible...

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It just happens sometimes, 'Nonnie.....another "Newbie" responding to this page brought me here.

What a shame!.....seems this researcher had a lot to say, just didn't think anyone was around to listen.

I always feel guilty when that happens!smiley - sadface

I wish I could be everywhere at once!


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