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Here we go again

There's a new woman on the go. smiley - loveblush Early days, like.

It's been a while!

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It's gonna happen again, innit?

Every time I go to a meeting with the express intention of resigning, stepping back, "passing on the torch"...I walk out of it having been elected to *another* committee.

I bet it'll happen today, too. smiley - laugh

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Seemed like a good idea at the time

One thing led to another, as they so often do, and I somehow find myself entangled in a bizarre kind of pottery duel with a hootooer who shall be nameless.

The most entertaining thing about this is that she Knows Her Shit about pottery and all things clay. Whereas me? I'm just flinging clay round me like a toddler on acid with a big bag of play dough. smiley - laugh

So, I have two weeks counting from today to produce a clay fox. smiley - yikes

(Foxes - they're kinda oblong, right? smiley - run)

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The Thaw

I've never really understood how The Thaw works. I still don't. Or I do know how, but not why. Or vice versa. Or something. smiley - huh

It goes like this.

1. You do something. Or maybe you're *perceived* as having done it. Or maybe you did it and didn't mean it, or maybe you did mean it, and you deserve it.

2. Boom! You're in purdah for an indeterminate amount of time. Now, it's human nature to try and alter this; to appeal it maybe, or to try and reduce its duration. But forget it. The length of time is predestined, and your behaviour cannot change it. It's like a spell in solitary - all you can do is wait for the clock to tick down. Just "wear your convict's uniform, and meekly serve your time", as the song goes.

3. Boom! Purdah expires, for no apparent reason. Communication opens again. A smile is flashed or a joke or friendly greeting is made.

4. Be warned! Stage three is a false dawn. If you respond too affectionately, you're back in solitary! You're still serving your time, and will be reminded of the fact, bucko! smiley - winkeye

5. A day, maybe, after the false dawn, the real dawn comes. You're allowed out of solitary for real, and all is sunshine and happiness!

And that's the Thaw. Don't fight it, don't hurry it, it'll come when it wants to. It's like Godot.

Until the next time trigger step one! smiley - cross

smiley - zen

I think I've just served my time. The time on the clock's expired and I've been released.

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Always seems slightly odd.

It always seems slightly unusual to me to meet someone for the first time who you've known for ages online. Not necessarily in a bad way, or uncomfortable or anything like that. It's just the odd combination of on the one hand, knowing so much about someone and having chewed the fat over so many different things, and on the other, never having met at all, and in a way not really knowing them at all.

This contrast is all the greater when the conversations have been weird, bizarre and madcap to the extent that they'd probably get you a nice padded cell of your own. smiley - laugh

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