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The 1st celts

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Where did the Celts come from? Was it Grece? I know they settled in the alps first. Also who was here before the Celts?


P.s. Any other history on invaders of britian is welcome. smiley - ta

The 1st celts

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Researcher 177704

This may help answer your question:

You might like to post questions such as this else where on h2g2, as few people will read conversations posted to your own user page. The busiest place on h2g2 is the <./>Askh2g2</.> forum, and contains more light-hearted conversations alongside Researchers' serious questions. Questions such as this would gain a greater response there, although I should add that it isn't considered polite to ask questions which five minutes of internet searching can answer.

Also, here are some other pages on h2g2 that might be of use to you:

- <./>Smileys</.> - how to put smileys (smiley - smileysmiley - rocketsmiley - spork) into postings
- <./>DontPanic-Tour</.> - h2g2 tour
- A725500 - my own links page, with lots of useful information for new members like yourself.

Have fun!

smiley - rocket

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The 1st celts

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