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its nearly.....


Are you all ready?!

I have almost finished shopping - gonna walk into Goldthorpe shortly and get the rest of my presents apart from 2 things which I need to go to Donny for.

Wrapped the adults stuff that i already have but need to get some childrens paper for them. Go me!!!!

Anyone else so prepared? Are we all excited?!

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the rambles of the unemployed..

Ok I can't go on like this. I'm bored. so far this week I have:

1. Cleaned the house from top to bottom - twice!
2. played every game on facebook until I couldn't face it any more!
3. played other game son my computer till I was fed up of the sight
4. Been to town
5. Gone to my friends shop
6. read wuthering heights (ok so i didn't start it this week but I finished it!!!)
7. slept - lots!
8. Had a guide entry make the front page and submit 2 more into peer review and fiddled with one already in there.

It is now Thursday. I am bored, and have run out of things to do. Oh and money so i can't go out much.


Roll on January when i can start work - yippee!!!

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My very first guide entry is on the front page!!!!!!!

After all these years here i decided to write for the guide in January and started 2 entries. Then I disappeared due to life and decided this morning to finish the 2 entries which were in peer review. One of them was selected and edited while I was away so I have my first entry.

Then when I posted to thank people for editing it I was told it was on the front page!!!!!

Now on with the second entry!

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So I have been absent for a while because I couldn't be bothered and have spent 18months job hunting.

I have now a got a job for January!!!!

Been working full time on a temp basis this term and I think I will be staying for a bit longer before I start my permanent job.

I am glad to be back though!

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Am I 25 years old and still feel like im treated like a kid?

So I moved back to yorkshire in the summer and moved back in with my parents as a temporary basis until I get back on my feet.

Before I moved in I had a good chat with my parents about do and don'ts so we could survive together.

I told my parents that they would have to get used to me being busy and that I would rarely be in in the evenings. If I am in for dinner cook for me if not then I will sort myself out.

So last night I went out during the afternoon and then out for dinner in the evening. Today I am in trouble. Mum thought we were going to the cinema (not that we discussed it but because I get 2 for 1 vouchers for the cinema on a Wednesday she has assumed I will go every week with her!)
Then she has had a go at me because she wants to be kept in the loop. So I am supposed to tell her my every move. Tuesday night I sat at home waiting for mum to come home from work - she should have been back my 2.15 and she came home at 6.45. She was miffed I had had dinner without her, despite me going out at 7. I had no idea where she was or what time she would be home.

So its ok for my parents to do as they like but I have to tell them my every move ?! smiley - huh

Anyone got a spare room in the Doncaster area thats going for cheap?!

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