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June 2016

Just looked at my last journal entry. Nothing much has changed. Peaches are ripening, I have a phone interview in a few minutes. So, yeah, I'll check back in another year, I guess.

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Peaches! PEACHES! Peaches, peaches, peaches!

Taking a quick break from picking peaches in a hundred and freaking two degrees (that's Farenheit. It's probably a double quiddich in Celsius, or something*). The peaches are ripening while I'm in here, but I need a glass of ice tea. Or possibly iced tea. Well, tea somewhat cooler than I am, at any rate.

Big day in Supreme Courtland. Yet another time when anything the Onion publishes will probably sound more reasonable than Scalia's dissent.

Still looking for my dream job, and am about to settle for a getting by until something better shows up job.


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John Oliver explains in an h2g2-friendly accent

John Oliver explains why complaining to the police is ineffective against online harassment:

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When in the Course of human events ...

... it becomes necessary to walk off the job, mostly because a job is defined as labor for pay, and when pay is not forthcoming, the job is over, it behooves a person to let their friends know that they are looking for work.

And so, I'm doing just that:

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NoJoPoMo for me

If I see it, I unsubscribe from it, or if necessary, the perpetrator of it.

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