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I have a spotty little boy smiley - biggrin

he had his MMR last week woke him up this morining and he's covered in spots smiley - ill


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Some people are just downright nasty


because they think the whole universe rotates around them and when that stops happening they go into one and start back biting at people

Really it's quite pointless this journal because if you are such a person you won't see it, because you think you are soooooooo perfect and its the rest of the world that has a problem.

My advice to you, if you are such a person? GET A LIFE!!!!! and leave other people to theirs.

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Theres not alot of things that get on my nerves


Being told in a sutle way that I'm not a good mother to my son is one of them smiley - grr

*sits back and thinks how much she would love to drop an anvil on this persons head*

To the point that I had to go have a time out (a short break, not the smiley - choc bar) today. A TIME OUT!!!!!! smiley - grrsmiley - grrsmiley - steam


I wouldn't mind but I'm the one who spends 24 hours a day with him, I therefore am of the opinion that , yes I do know what he wants, likes, needs and what is best for him smiley - steam

smiley - steamsmiley - grrsmiley - steamsmiley - grrsmiley - steam


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A Journal From Cal

Cal wanted to post this here, so the following entry is from him.

I’m told this will be good therapy so here goes. Oh and I must warn you there is nothing more boring that another persons dreams, so feel free to log off now.

I have this reoccurring Nightmare about Ryan (Tuc) my brother, which bothers me probably 2 to 3 times a week. I should probably go see a shrink about this, but I’m kinda worried he’ll help me into a nice new jacket with lots of buckles and stick me in a nice soft room where I can’t hurt myself. smiley - erm

Anyway it goes something like this:

We are both out on our bikes, riding down a small country road. We were doing our usual thing, sometimes riding together sometimes with Ry in front sometimes with me in front, me riding past Ry giving him “hand signals” as I blast past him *grins* just so he gets an idea of how much I love him you understand smiley - biggrin

I never realised how much I missed doing that until I wrote it down

Any way Ry (who could never stand being second at anything) suddenly blasts past me, He gets quite a way a head of me, then out of nowhere a car appears on the wrong side of the road. It hits Ry with such force that it sends him high up in the air and he lands behind the car. The car stops and reverses back over Ry’s body.

The next thing I know is I’m running towards the car, tearing my lid off, intending to beat the driver of the car to a pulp with it. As a get to the car door, the car shoots forwards back over Ry and speeds off.

I kneel down beside him, he is still breathing and I’m begging him to hang on until help arrives, but all of a sudden he makes a strange noise and stops breathing. I try to get his lid off so I can breathe for him but it just won’t budge, it’s like it’s stuck to his head or something. I just can’t get it off at all. Then I notice blood tickling from his mouth and realise its all over.

I usually wake up at this point, usually shouting for him, sometimes just in a cold sweat, but Saturday night brought a new twist in the tail

I was in the chapel of rest and had gone to see him (I have no idea why I dreamt this as in real life it is something I just would not do) I see the blood trickling from his mouth still, which confuses me. All of a sudden he sits up grabs my shirt and pulls me so we are nose to nose. He screams at me asking me why I didn’t help him.

*sigh* That’s all folks, woke up at that point, sorry to bore you and all

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My baby

My Baby is 1 Year Old today smiley - disco

I love him so much and I can't believe that a year has passed by so quickly

If only seems like yesterday when he was such a tiny little helpless baby.

(big soppy stupid person that I am, I'm now crying)

On a lighter note, it'll not be long before he's a teenager and telling me how much he hates me smiley - erm

Oh hum and so the world turns

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Back to Mizzpinky *sighs* here we go again's Personal Space Home

Mizzpinky *sighs* here we go again

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